Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dining Room: Mini Make-over Part 1.

I took my hutch from just fine ... to absolutely divine!



I loved it before ... but now I really love it!!

These pictures just don't do it justice ... it looks so wonderful. :)
The grays really play off the grays on our Farmers Table.

Don't you just LOVE this table??
This set is AMAZING. It's solid maple and GORGEOUS!

My mom passed it down to me when we got married,
But it was just a little "too traditional" and it need something!
But not anymore!

The Fabric panels add the perfect amount of modern flair!

As I soon as I re-cover the chairs, add bling to the light fixture and put up some wall art, I'll update you on the Dining Room Make-over Part 2!

How did I do it?
Oh, it's so easy!

I used some cardboard from this box ...

(*Present for the Hubs from my mom! Thanks Mom*)
Some Fabric that you LOVE & Mod Podge.
I used less than a yard for all of it! :)
*Don't forget to Iron your fabric before!!!*

Spread on a thin layer ... smooth your fabric & wrap it around the back.
Pop it in the Hutch and Enjoy!!
Seriously easy, right?
 I did the whole thing (including a quick trip to JoAnn's for Fabric) in 1 hour!
It cost me less than $10.00!!

I'm linking up to these parties:

The Mod Podge Challenge @
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Black Kats Design


  1. I love this fabric!! Your hutch turned out so cute! Partying with you from CSI.

    Love your guts


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