Friday, August 27, 2010

My Craft Room: The Sewing Table.

See this little cutey??
Look at those long, slender legs!!


Best part about her?
She cost $4.00!!
The creepy guy at this creepy thrift store was trying to get rid of it & he said name my price!
I handed him my $4.00 and off I went with a big grin!!
I had plans!!

I sanded her ... primed her and painted 2 coats! ;)
Then I drilled a hole and added a cute little drawer knob.
(1/2 off  at Hobby Lobby)

Love the porcelain/vintage look! :)


For now I'm leaving the top alone ... but I'm considering chalkboard paint!!
I think I love chalkboard paint more than I love spray paint ...
shhhh, don't tell Krylon. :)

I just love my new sewing table! :)
Not bad for $5.00!!
(I already had the paint on hand so I just had to buy the knob)

My craft room is almost complete - so stay tuned!

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