Thursday, August 26, 2010

My love affair with Spray Paint.

Ladies - I have taken a  Looovvvvaaaa!
(sex and the City/Carrie Bradshaw anyone? Love!)

His name is Krylon. :)

I just loooveee it!
I will seriously spray paint anything I can get my hands on!
(I'm even considering spray painting some shoes ... I'll let you know how that goes, haha)

But seriously ... I have an obsession.

Point in case ...

These may or may not have ALL been used this week!! :)

The neighborhoods probably think all I do is spray paint -
I know they peek through the fence posts to see what I'm doing outside {with a can of spraypaint}. AGAIN!)

But seriously ... go buy some Spray Paint and make something old & ugly, very Pretty again!!

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  1. I'm so with you. I was catchin up on Design Star yesterday and thinking I need to get me some spray paint and some projects!!


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