Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On Track Tuesday: Days 1 & 2

If you didn't catch my post here - I've decided to run a 5k in 5 weeks! I'm 2 days in....

Day 1: I walked/ran a little over 2 miles ... and today I did the same. Not enough but better than nothing. I wasn't exhausted after the 2 miles - I was BORED. Really Bored. ADD perhaps? :)

Maybe I just need to charge up my ipod ...

Here are some of the thoughts that were running through  my head this morning as I was briskly walking jogging ...

1. What the heck was I thinking?
2. Is it possible to ALREADY have shin splints? Side cramps?  OUCH.
3. Ugh - I swear this stroller weighs 900 pounds.
4. Holy moly - when was the last time I actually went for a jog?
Then I did the math ... math while you're running, pushing a jogging stroller and avoiding cars takes a little longer but I came up with this ...

Nelson is 7 months old -      7 months
Pregnant for 9 months  -      9 months
2 lazy years post college -   24 months
4 years of college               48 months
HS Senior Year Fun          12 months
HS Junior year abroad      12 months         
                 TOTAL           112 months

SERIOUSLY? It's been 112 months since I last worked out consistently ... like REALLY worked out. In case you're wondering -- that's NINE YEARS!!!!!!!!!

No wonder I'm about to DIE.

Talk about a reality check ... I should have NEVER done the math. Shame.On.Me.

5. Did that truck just drive by, honk and yell our the window? Heck yes he did...  and who cares if he's old, salty & creepy .... all I was thinking is MAMA STILL GOT IT! :)

Nine years. Shmine Years.

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