Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Sea of Blue" Nautical Nursery.

Within 12 hours of my positive pregnancy test, I did two things.
1. Started shopping for baby stuff!!
2. Began planning the nursery!

Am I crazy/?- or is it just what women do? Either way - I pictured airplanes for a little boy and pink paisley for a girl! Well, Tarzan said to no to airplanes ... He's a pilot and I guess he's had enough of airplane stuff. BOO! So - my next favorite thing? The coast. and sailing. and sailboats! Done.

Then monkey man was born and our 1 bedroom 900 sq ft apartment didn't exactly have space for a themed nursery ... so I waited!! and waited!!

Well, monkey is 6 months old and we're renting a bigger house and I have my nursery! :) YAY! But our landlord is mean won't let us paint the walls. BOO! I tried to tell him I would make it look better (prerrttyyy please!) but he wasn't having it - so the nursery is what it is - Teal!! The bedding I bought (before we moved into this house) is BABY BLUE and the rug was RED. Not exactly a match made in heaven ... but I just went with it ... and the end result?

Well, I LOVE IT. (But you'll have to decide for yourself!)

I refer to it as my "Sea of Blue" Nursery.

It's a hodge podge of all shades of blue - with a hint of red & sailboats thrown in! I love it and most importantly - monkey man loves it! Not to mention, I did the room on a SUPER DUPER low Budget. I'm totalling the costs now -- but I'm thinking I spent less than $300 on EVERYTHING!!! (Furniture included!)

Dying to see my $300.00 Nursery!?

The Changing Table we got off Craigslist for $15.00!! The Baskets I already had. The sign I painted using Foam Balsa wood (JoAnns) that I glued together and the Nautical Flags are just regular Felt! :) The most expensive things were the Changing Pad & Cover! (Please ignore the trashcan of dirty diapers and hanging pacifier holder that's falling out of the basket - I took these pics in a hurry!).

Total cost for this wall -
Changing Table $15.00
Changing Pad $30.00
Cover $15.00
Sailing Club Sign $2.50
Nautical Flags $2.00
Baskets - already had
Total Cost $64.50

Wow! I need to FOLD his clothes! Or maybe put Fabric Panels to cover it. What do you think?

Dresser - We already had, but it came from Ikea (I think it was $80.00 a few years ago)
Hamper - Target, $29.99
Rug - Ross, $7.99
Life Preserver - Hobby Lobby $9.99 with 50% off coupon.
Letters - $2.00
Lighthouse Picture & Frame - $2.50 from Goodwill
Sailboat Frame - $1.00 from Goodwill
Lantern - $4.50 Big Lots on clearance 
Nelson coat hanger you can half see - $5.00, Hobby Lobby with 50% coupon.
Total Cost $63.50

The Glider was a gift from my mom!
The Ottoman we had from a Vanity set and I just recovered it with fabric left over from Curtains.
Fabric for curtains was $20.00 (with Waverly fabric sale 60% off at JoAnns)
3 White Shelves, $14.99 Homegoods
Sailboat, $12.99, Homegoods
Sailboat Picture, $.99, Goodwill
Fish, $3.99, Hobby Lobby clearance
Small Fish, $2.99, Ross
Rain Gutter Booksheleves, $12.00
Stains on Carpet, they were free - left from a previous *messy* tenant.
Total Cost $68.00

Yes, I kow his monogram is NAG ... but Tarzan refused to change the name because he had a "bad monogram". Believe me, it came up! :)

The Crib was given to us from a friend (Soo nice!)
NAG Monogram - $5.00, Hobby Lobby
*More details to come on the crib bedding soon - it's not
 done! :) But it will come in UNDER $25!!!! For bumper, sheet, Crib Skirt.
Total Cost $30.00

The Shelving Unit & Bins I already had, Target 2 years ago.
Teal Baskets, $3.00, Dollar Store
Lamp, Goodwill $2.99
Spray Paint, Red, $.99
Lampshade, $2.99, Ross
Antique Buoy, $10, Antique Store
Lighthouse, $6.99 Homegoods
Sailboat Painting, $3.00, Goodwill. :)
Total Cost $19.00

oh, and every good nursery has storage for toys! :)
Storage Basket, Walmart $5.00.

Pop Up Hamper turned stuffed animal cage, Homegoods, $9.99.

Total Nursery Cost - $260.00!!!!!
Not bad!!

So don't be afraid to check out Craigslist, Friends, Thrift Stores -
you can find some GREAT things and some great deals!!!
What do you think??

Is it too "themey"?

At first I thought so ... and then I thought again. He has his whole life to have a big boy room ... but for now, he's a baby. MY BABY. And I love that it looks like a baby boy's room!

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  1. Wow! Amazing job. I think it looks fantastic! Just goes to show, you don't need to spend a fortune!

    Visiting from Southern Reflections blog hop.


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