Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where I blog ...

ate over at Centsational Girl is hosting a Link Party called "Where do you Blog" ... and since I finally revealed my fancy/practical/wonderful Craft Desk yesterday I thought I would participate! :)

I'm a mover and a shaker when it comes to blogging ... I like to spice it up! Actually, it's usually wherever I can find my laptop! Tarzan likes mine better than his, so he's always stealing it! :)

Sometimes I blog in the sweet Little guest bedroom "Home Office".
This room makes me happy. The combination of Black, White & Turquoise puts me in a happy mood!
The printer is also in here -- so it's practical! :) Gotta love that.

Sometimes I blog at my new craft table!!

I just love this space! I love my old shutter that holds special pictures,
my galvanized collection of tubs that hold everything from paint brushes to scraps!
I blog here when I want peace & quiet ...
when I want to escape the chaos -
when Tarzan is watching "man movies" way too loud,
or MonkeyMan is fussing,
or Niles is barking. 

but realistically, most of the time - I blog here ...
On the Couch - in the middle of everything -

amongst my beautiful Burlap Lamp, Slip covered Pillows,
sweet little picture of Monkey Man & my favorite Starfish Basket!

and yes, that's a Wii Remote (LOVE. Netflix through Wii) & an empty glass of wine!
Don't Judge.

Hey, that's why I'm doing a Couch to 5K. :)


  1. Fun spaces! Thanks for showing us! Love the last photo! ;)

  2. Wonderful space! Happy Blogging!

  3. I love your eclectic spaces; I'm the same way. I blog all over the place including Starbucks and Barnes & Noble. I was too late to participate in the Where I Blog party so I have no photos to share...for now.


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