Monday, August 23, 2010

Worst.Day.Ever. + Gift Card Advice!

My day was going really well ... great actually!!!
Nelson was happy & smiley, he napped for TWO hours and I got so much done around the house ...
and then I went to run errands ... and my wallet was stolen.
I'm angry. Frustrated. and really really bummed.

I'm not angry about the wallet - it was an old Vera Bradley.
I'm not upset about the cash - they can keep the $20.00 ...
I'm bummed about the giftcards! :(
I'm talking oodles and oodles of giftcards!!!!! :( Bye-Bye.
Debit Cards, gone.
Credit Cards, gone.
Military ID with Tarzan's social ... gone. :( He's pretty mad about this one.
Needless to say, I'm grumpy!!! :(

But I'm mostly angry about the giftcards, because there are options,
if you know the giftcard numbers ...

So this is my advice!
Go Get your Wallet.....
I'm waiting!

You're back?
Ok, good.
Now take out all your gift cards,
and write Down the Numbers in a Microsoft Word Document!
Write the Number, the Exp Date, the Amount - any and ALL the details that you have!
That way, in the unfortunate event that this happens to you ...
you can call, report them stolen and get new ones! :)
Yup, Easy Peasy!

As for me?
Well - I used to ALWAYS do that.
I'm looking at a pretty long document now of old gift card numbers ...
unfortunately, the document hasn't been updated since Monkey Man was born.
Too Bad, So Sad.

So I'm cutting my loses and moving on! :)
I'm taking my bummed butt into the craft room -  
And I'm praying for a better attitude ...
maybe whoever took it needs it much more than I do?
I hope they enjoy Target. and Hobby Lobby. and Kohls. and TJMAXX. And Subway. :)

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  1. Aww... sorry to hear about ur wallet and ur precious gift cards... but thanks for sharing this useful tip about noting our numbers in a word document! :) i know how it feels to lost a purse... i had my purse stolen last month with all my credit cards, cash and other important stuff.... i was so pi$$ed and then was worried about identity theft... u know this identity theft has become such a common practice these days that no one is safe from it...thats a good step that you instantly called the cops and report... and God Bless my Mom who gave me this link... :) - This company was a great help! glad i've used them........


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