Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vintage Window Picture Frame.

I picked up this old vintage window at the Habitat Restore on sale for $5.00! :)

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it ....
so I took it home, cleaned it up --

added some picture hanging wire ...

attached white push pins and added some bling :)
We all know I how I LOVE pearls!

Took some clothes pin, spray painted them black & the mod podged with pretty paper!

Hung some of my favorite pics of Tarzan & I ...
and now it looks like this!!

I love how easily I can change out the pictures ...
and remember our Master Bedroom "picture rule" -
no kids, no friends! Just us! :)

I've mentioned before our Master Bedroom is HUGE and we have a lot of empty wall space this certainly helps a little! :)

Oh - and see this pretty shiny black dresser ...
it used to look like this -

Then it got a make-over and now it's shiny & pretty too! ;)

So what do you think?
 Have you done anything unique with an old window?
 I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment!

I like to party here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living Room Make-over Pt. 2

I've finally finished enough of my living room to show you  ... well, one little part of it! I already posted about how new throw pillows/slipcovers can make a HUGE difference in this post here. See ...

Couch Before:

Couch After:

Ahh so much happier! :)

But I still really hate this living room for three reasons:
1. the shape is AWKWARD
2. there are is no natural light or windows (its a CAVE!)
3. there is TONS of wall space.

Not much I can do about #1 and #2 ... so I set out to tackle #3!
but I was having the hardest time deciding.
I needed something that took up a lot of space but something that didn't the break the bank.
Big = $$$ when you're talking art. :(

So I stumbled upon my random stash of picture frames and knew exactly what to do!!
A collage!!!
One that included some of our favorite pictures & things!

*picture's a little crooked - whoops!

I just love it!
I look forward to expanding it as I find the right frames, pictures, etc but for now it's just what we need to fill up that empty space!
and the best part?
It was super inexpensive ... the pictures cost about $15.00 to blow up and the frames I already had on hand (I didn't pay more than $2.00 for any of them)!
{I always always always buy a cheap frame when I see it}
A fresh coat of Krylon Ivory and I was finished! :)

I think pictures on the wall make a home happy!!

They say you can tell what a person's priorities are by looking at their decorations
 well - around here - we like pictures of ourselves.
vain? no, not at all :)

and what does monkey man think of the new collage?

He likes it too!
(or he likes looking at himself!)

Simple transformations that can be done in an under an hour make me happy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bad Mom?

I had to run to the store this morning to pick up some more baby food because we were out of the stuff that monkey will actually eat! (ugh, green beans aren't cutting it in monkey's world!)

But this time I bought the baby food in the cute little glass jars instead of the organic baby food in the plastic containers that I normally buy.
Because I wanted the glass jars for some craft projects!
Selfish? Maybe?
Bad Mom? Questionable.
I look at it like i'm saving money -
you know, the whole two birds thing? :)

Fall/Halloween Reversible Bunting (with Tutorial)

I see Fabric Buntings everywhere!!!
I just love them!!
They are so simple yet make such a big impact!
I'm absolutely obsessed with all things Fabric and this is such a great way to use your favorite patterns!

So I had to make one!

But I'm a Navy Wife ... so we'll be on the move A LOT.
I need decorations that fold up small - and can be used for a few months at a time!
I needed reversible!!

Anyways -- here she is! :)
Oh hello cell phone charger & dog bowl - we see you there! :)
*Also please ignore the Pears (I was trying them out but they didn't make the cut!)*

Want to make your own?

What you need:
Fall & Halloween Fabric - I used 3 prints for each side
 (so 6 different prints of 1/4 yd)
Matching Thread & Sewing Machine
Double Fold Bias Tape in coordinating color.

1. Cut your Triangles. Mine were approximately 7" x 10".
In the end I wanted 7 finished triangles, so I cut 14 Triangles.
Decide on your desired pattern and cut accordingly!

Tip: Make sure you check that the patterns are going the right away before cutting-
I ended up with some upside down skeletons! :)

2. Now place the two triangles right sides together.

and stitch around edges, leaving the top open.
(1/4" seam allowances if you're picky - I just sew and hope it turns out!)

4. Now flip it right side out and voila - you have your first reversible triangle!
IRON IRON IRON! It makes all the difference!

Now do that 6 more times!

5. arrange the triangles in the pattern that you want ...

6. It's time to string them all together.
I used bias tape! BUT I didn't have a color that coordinated with both sides, so I decided to use two packs of single fold and do beige on the Fall side and orange on the Halloween side. I would stick with a Double Fold Bias Tape and fold it over - because my way looks messy and 'unfinished'!

If you're really picky - use your measuring tape to mark how far apart each triangle should be!
 I am in NO way a perfectionist - so I just guessed!!
and it looks good enough for me!

That's it! You're done!
Seriously easy, right?
I finished the whole thing during Monkey's morning nap! :)
and homeboy does NOT sleep. Just sayin'.

Now hang it up ....

and admire the Fall side right now!

Hello Fall.

and the Halloween side next month!
Ahh, scary.

Oh I can't wait to decorate that Halloween Mantle!

I love that I can use this banner for an entire "season" ...
switching between the holidays!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dryer Duct Pumpkin

As soon as I saw the dryer duct pumpking out there in blogland - I knew I had to make my own!! Right then!!!
and of course I had to add my own "Preppy Mom" twist!
(Luckily I had an extra one in the garage!)

I cut mine about 21" long - and I can still make another with the leftover!
It was HARD to cut through the small wire...
I tried a knife, scissors, hack saw - finally I broke down and bought a Wire Cutter.
and I still struggled but FINALY got it! :)

Twist it into a round Pumpkin-like Shape!
I used hot glue to keep it together! :)
What would I do without hot glue? I don't want to think about it!
Now Spray paint it!
I used Krylon's Pumpkin Orange!
Looveee Krylon. :)

Now in the orignial one I believe she used cinnamon sticks for the stem,
But I couldn't find them anywhere!!
I tried a real stick - but didn't like it!

So I came up with this ...

A Wine Cork Stem!

I love it!!
I cut 3 corks into 3 smaller pieces, so that I could curve them a bit -
so that it would resemble more of a stem! :)
I added some curly rafia and voila!
That's it.
So simple! :)

I loved the cork stem idea so much,
that I updated my Pumpkin Topiary as well!

Ah, much better!

and yes - those are hair elastics!
I cheated!
It was SO much easier than tying string! :)

Want to make your own Fabric Topiary?
Check out the Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial here.

I like to party ... Check out these great Link Parties!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Style Trends - Fall 2010!

It's Fall!!!
In the Fashion world it's been "fall" for quite some time but I just couldn't bare looking at those long sleeve sweaters in August. It's still 100 degrees in Florida but at least now it's almost October.
That's fall enough for me! :)

I worked management at Ann Taylor Loft before Monkey was born and I always knew what was "in" - or at least what was in there. But I realized over the course of Girl's Weekend that I had NOOOO clue what the trends & colors were this fall. Gasp - am I really in my mom bubble of shorts & t-shirts? AHHH!

So I did some research - Trendsetters, INSTYLE, People, Fashion Week, Fashionable Friends! :) and now I'm back ... whooo hoo. Feels sooo good!

Want to know what's in this fall?

Some of it I like (Layers!) -- some of it I'm not diggin' at all (leather) .... so take what you like and toss what you don't. Either way - you'll be a little bit more stylish than you were 3 minutes ago! ;) and what mom doesn't want that?
hey, just because you're rocking mom jeans, doesn't mean they have to be ugly, right?
Think Heidi Klum. Helloo sexy!

So what colors are in this fall/winter?

I'm LOVING the Orchid & Lagoon!!

, Textures (yay!)
Lace!! (Vintage Inspired Doilies, etc)
Ruffles (yes, still!)
Military (huh?)
Boots of all heights (love!!)
leggings (again but i love it.)
leather!! (not so sure - can be great. can be BBAADD)
Capes? Not my Jam.

Some "Preppy Mom" looks that I'm loving ...

The buttoned up Ruffle Shirt - (Ann Taylor Loft)

I LOVE a great Cardigan!
 It's a Preppy mom must - and this one is perect.
Feminine yet Sassy. (Ann Taylor Loft)

I LOVE this look - leggings, boots, the fitted blazer, the shades of black & gray.
I think it says "I'm classy yet sexy. Bring it on!"

Leggings, Dresses, Boots .... works every time!

So this is what I mean by military --
Not Camo ... but clothes inspired by uniforms ...
Interesting .... it's growing on me! :)

Denim for Fall 2010 ...
•Tailored looks with pleats ,trouser pockets etc.
•Tight skinny fits
•Tapered looks
•Rolled hems

mixed metals, chains, pearls, chunky

Now the utlimate preppy mom will find these looks for WAY less!
I'm on a mission ...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Craft ADD?

So - how do YOU craft?

It's Saturday - Tarzan is sailing and Monkey is napping.
So you can find me spread throughout the house crafting!

Currently I'm working on about 7 projects ...
with about 12 more in line!
and I've taken over 3 rooms of the house! ;)

I'm working on ...

A new crib skirt for monkey
(i know, he's 8 months old and still doesn't have a crib skirt -
gah - i'm a bad mom!)

More Fabric Pumpkins - I'm obsessed!

A new Burlap Wreath.

A vintage window surprise!

Burp Cloths, Burp Cloths!

Embellishing an old Black T-shirt.

and I should be cleaning up/organizing this HUGE
pile of crafty crap treasures!

Am I crazy?
Please tell me that i'm not the only one that has craft ADD?

Or am I?
Do you work on one project at a time - or do you multi-task?
Do you work in different rooms or stay put?

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