Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dollar Store "Where I've been" Map!

I have been dreaming of owning one of these bad boys for years ....

Everytime I fly, I find myself browsing through SkyMall -
and drooling over this.
It's a personalized travel map.
It allows you to put pins where you've been & where you want to go!
(nerdy, I know ... but I just loooooveee maps!!)
But at a price of $199.99 - Not gonna happen. Not in this lifetime.

Then I found a pretty little world map at the Dollar Store ...
and I decided to try and make my own!!

One hour, one map, one bulletin board,
some mod podge & lots of push pins later ...
I had my own version! :)


and although its not perfect and not nearly as nice as the one above ...
I love it!
and I love the price tag - all $10.00 of it!

I like to party ...
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  1. I absolutely ADORE your map! I have had my eye on the expensive one for some time now, too. No way I will shell out that kind of money when now I know how to make my own! :) Thanks for the great idea!

    Your newest follower(from the blog hop),


  2. I love it, I just found a fun new map and may give it a simular treatment. I love vintage educational art!

  3. THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I might have to copy you cause I love it so much! I actully have a big world map from when I taught summer school a couple of years ago that is just sitting in my basement. What a great project and then I could put it in our family room. Great idea!!

  4. this is great. i, too, covet that map from skymall! this is a great diy version!

  5. Oh how cool, you sure have a lot of pins around Romania, can't tell if any are in there. Im from Romania, so just wondering. he he. Love this idea, and I wanna do something like this too, what a great goal, and dreaming activity for our family. When its up in your face hopefully we can make it happen more often you know. Thanks for the tips. Bella, oh and you know what to do, link up and share your marvels girl!!!!

  6. You made our Top 3 projects in the Map/compass themed contest! Come and check it out at:

  7. Very cute! And congrats on making the top three!


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