Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall/Halloween Reversible Bunting (with Tutorial)

I see Fabric Buntings everywhere!!!
I just love them!!
They are so simple yet make such a big impact!
I'm absolutely obsessed with all things Fabric and this is such a great way to use your favorite patterns!

So I had to make one!

But I'm a Navy Wife ... so we'll be on the move A LOT.
I need decorations that fold up small - and can be used for a few months at a time!
I needed reversible!!

Anyways -- here she is! :)
Oh hello cell phone charger & dog bowl - we see you there! :)
*Also please ignore the Pears (I was trying them out but they didn't make the cut!)*

Want to make your own?

What you need:
Fall & Halloween Fabric - I used 3 prints for each side
 (so 6 different prints of 1/4 yd)
Matching Thread & Sewing Machine
Double Fold Bias Tape in coordinating color.

1. Cut your Triangles. Mine were approximately 7" x 10".
In the end I wanted 7 finished triangles, so I cut 14 Triangles.
Decide on your desired pattern and cut accordingly!

Tip: Make sure you check that the patterns are going the right away before cutting-
I ended up with some upside down skeletons! :)

2. Now place the two triangles right sides together.

and stitch around edges, leaving the top open.
(1/4" seam allowances if you're picky - I just sew and hope it turns out!)

4. Now flip it right side out and voila - you have your first reversible triangle!
IRON IRON IRON! It makes all the difference!

Now do that 6 more times!

5. arrange the triangles in the pattern that you want ...

6. It's time to string them all together.
I used bias tape! BUT I didn't have a color that coordinated with both sides, so I decided to use two packs of single fold and do beige on the Fall side and orange on the Halloween side. I would stick with a Double Fold Bias Tape and fold it over - because my way looks messy and 'unfinished'!

If you're really picky - use your measuring tape to mark how far apart each triangle should be!
 I am in NO way a perfectionist - so I just guessed!!
and it looks good enough for me!

That's it! You're done!
Seriously easy, right?
I finished the whole thing during Monkey's morning nap! :)
and homeboy does NOT sleep. Just sayin'.

Now hang it up ....

and admire the Fall side right now!

Hello Fall.

and the Halloween side next month!
Ahh, scary.

Oh I can't wait to decorate that Halloween Mantle!

I love that I can use this banner for an entire "season" ...
switching between the holidays!


  1. well isnt that a smart idea. saves storage space . very cute

  2. That's a great idea to do it reversible, double the use for the same amount of work. Cute!

  3. Love the black&white halloween fabric :) Also the reversible is a great idea! I am sure you will get much use out of this :)

  4. really cute! hope you'll consider linking up tomorrow to a crafty soiree at www.yesterdayontuesday.com


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