Saturday, September 25, 2010

Craft ADD?

So - how do YOU craft?

It's Saturday - Tarzan is sailing and Monkey is napping.
So you can find me spread throughout the house crafting!

Currently I'm working on about 7 projects ...
with about 12 more in line!
and I've taken over 3 rooms of the house! ;)

I'm working on ...

A new crib skirt for monkey
(i know, he's 8 months old and still doesn't have a crib skirt -
gah - i'm a bad mom!)

More Fabric Pumpkins - I'm obsessed!

A new Burlap Wreath.

A vintage window surprise!

Burp Cloths, Burp Cloths!

Embellishing an old Black T-shirt.

and I should be cleaning up/organizing this HUGE
pile of crafty crap treasures!

Am I crazy?
Please tell me that i'm not the only one that has craft ADD?

Or am I?
Do you work on one project at a time - or do you multi-task?
Do you work in different rooms or stay put?


  1. Following you from the 2011 Dream Team

  2. I combine when I can and then line up the rest. I am purposely avoided learning sewing so that I am not trying on take on too much---because i know i'd try to sew everything!!!
    I am from Charleston (sort of, I am a Navy daughter and lived in a TON of places- but Chas is more like home than anything where else). I LOVE seeing lowcountry pics! LOVE IT LOVE IT! So glad you are on the dream team...Bree-
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Trust me you are not the only one!!! I think that's the fun of crafting! The rush of having 20 projects going on and having limited time to finish them! It makes the reward that much sweeter when you finish!!!! I too have craft ADD and I will proudly join this club! :)


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