Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If ...

If Monkey Man were just a tad bit older,
this box wouldn't be just a box.

It would be a Boat to sail around the Bermuda Triangle.
Or a Robot that was trying to destroy the Earth.
Or a Fort to protect ourselves from daddy the bad guys.
Or we'd cut it up and make Knight Armor & Shiny Shields.
Or maybe we'd just sit inside and pretend we're taking a bath in the garage.

Who knows what wonderful things his little imagination would come up with!
It certainly wouldn't be just a box around here.

But since he's still too young for that ...
(and I certainly don't want him to grow up any faster than he already is!)
It's going to be recycled!

Recycled! :)

That brings me to the next topic ...
In an attempt to not waste soooo much plastic ...
I've been sewing up a few "reusable" projects around here!
So stay tuned ... :) I may even try a tutorial or two!

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