Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living Room Make-over Pt. 2

I've finally finished enough of my living room to show you  ... well, one little part of it! I already posted about how new throw pillows/slipcovers can make a HUGE difference in this post here. See ...

Couch Before:

Couch After:

Ahh so much happier! :)

But I still really hate this living room for three reasons:
1. the shape is AWKWARD
2. there are is no natural light or windows (its a CAVE!)
3. there is TONS of wall space.

Not much I can do about #1 and #2 ... so I set out to tackle #3!
but I was having the hardest time deciding.
I needed something that took up a lot of space but something that didn't the break the bank.
Big = $$$ when you're talking art. :(

So I stumbled upon my random stash of picture frames and knew exactly what to do!!
A collage!!!
One that included some of our favorite pictures & things!

*picture's a little crooked - whoops!

I just love it!
I look forward to expanding it as I find the right frames, pictures, etc but for now it's just what we need to fill up that empty space!
and the best part?
It was super inexpensive ... the pictures cost about $15.00 to blow up and the frames I already had on hand (I didn't pay more than $2.00 for any of them)!
{I always always always buy a cheap frame when I see it}
A fresh coat of Krylon Ivory and I was finished! :)

I think pictures on the wall make a home happy!!

They say you can tell what a person's priorities are by looking at their decorations
 well - around here - we like pictures of ourselves.
vain? no, not at all :)

and what does monkey man think of the new collage?

He likes it too!
(or he likes looking at himself!)

Simple transformations that can be done in an under an hour make me happy!


  1. Hey! I'm new on the Blog Hop! Just wanted to let you know that I'm following you now! Check out mine?

    XOXO -Kia

  2. Looks great, i love the pillowsand the collage above the couch! You are so good!


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