Thursday, September 2, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover, Part 1.

Do you ever look at something you made and just Smile? Beacuse it's exactly what you wanted and turned out (imperfectly) perfect?

That is how I feel when I look at my Master Bedroom!!!
I just want to spend all day in there ....
ugh, like I needed another reason to want to stay in bed, hehe! :)

I've really disliked that room for awhile ... I let my husband pick out the Duvet (bad idea!) and it was just missing something ... I had no motivation to decorate it or even hang a picture on the wall. I may or may not have even made my husband sleep with me in the guest bedroom for a few nights because "It was pretty!".

Then one day last week I walked into my favorite thrift store and right there in the middle of the store was MY HEADBOARD!!

Yes, the headboard that matches MY bedroom set.

haha - you can see Monkey Man playing on the bed! :)

The MISSING Headboard...
It was SOOO meant to be!!

I mean, my parents bought this bedroom set FOREVER ago - in a place far away from here ... so what are the odds?! I talked the guy in the store down from $60 to $45, called the hubs, told him I had to have it asked him if I could buy it and then bribed our friends with dinner if they would pick it up!!! YAY! It was MINE!!!

The headboard brought new motivation and I was quickly on my way to having a room that I LOVED!

I decided to use a comforter that we already had because I liked the color and it made this make-over VERY affordable! All I had to buy was fabric for the pillows -- So I went to JoAnn's and found about 4 different complementing fabrics!

And I started sewing! and sewing! and sewing!!

Want to see? Here are all the pillows with my new headboard!! LOVE!

It looks very "Anthropologie" to me ...

 This color combination just makes me smile!! I went WAY out my "matchy" comfort zone here and I'm so glad that I did. :)

Then I took our old ugly lamps ...

They were yellow but I did spray paint the base Heirloom White a few weeks ago.

And re-covered them ....


Yes, they are two different colors ... Same Lamp, Two different Fabrics.
It brings a different kind of "symmetry" to the mix and I love it! :)

I framed some wedding pictures and hung them ...
a little crookedly (is that even a word!?).

So here it is!!!!
Looking oh so beautiful ...

I'm smiling just looking at this picture - I love it.

I read somewhere that you aren't supposed to have any pictures of your kids in the master bedroom - it's the one room that's just about you and the hubs .. Sounded good to me ...
so I replaced our pictures of Nelson with cute pictures from when we were dating on our nightstands!

Oh and those nightstands? $4.00 each at Goodwill ...
spray painted black!!
I love how they don't match but are both the same width!

The curtains are very heavy, pretty cream Canvas that I picked up from JCPenny on sale for $22.00! I plan to add a little fabric skirt - or maybe even paint them with some stripes? Not sure.

It's a process ... but for now, I'm soo happy!
and the whole thing cost less than $50!!!

Actually - It's nap time
You know where to find me! :)


  1. You done a great job!
    Following from bloghop...would love to have you follow back!

  2. Oh My! Its SO cute! And your baby is yummy! I could just sqeeze away! An adorable smile!
    I'm so glad I found your blog and have become a follower!

  3. Hello! Found you from "Follow Me Chickadee Friday" :]

    I LOVE your bedspread!! :] Also a new follower!

  4. Whitney...Love your ideas! Everything is beautiful and you have gotten me into the mood to redecorate. I just hope I can be as thrifty!!

  5. Great job on the redo. Love all the pillows and the fabric choices are great. The lamps are kind of making me do a double take, like hugh, did you forget to do one, but I see what you are saying, and I often do things that make me happy, but not to many others really get, so kuddos to you girl, for following what makes you happy!!!

  6. I love that you are thrifty I can totally relate and I really enjoy trading your blog. I think we are very similar!


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