Friday, September 3, 2010

My Mantle!

We recently moved into a new (rental - oh Navy Life) house! and guess what? We have a MANTLE! I was so excited! In our last apartment we had a bar ledge and sometimes I would pretend it was a mantle, but certainly not with the same affect. haha. But now I have one and it is oh soo fun to decorate!

I've done some research (i.e. stalked other people's blogs) and these seem to be the Mantle Rules broken down in 6 very simple steps ...
1. Size - you want small, medium & BIG, tall & short.
2. Texture - you want glossy, rough, glass, wood ... any other textures you can think of!
3. Color - stick with a color pallette -- or a theme.
4. Nature - Try and have at least one item that comes from your natural surroundings!
5. Layer - Stuff in front, stuff behind - stuff in between! :)
6. Meaningful - Pictures, Artwork, crap someone made for you! ;)

So I took these 6 rules and checked out my mantle ... and it PASSED!! Yay! I had big stuff, small stuff, I had pictures, I had tall old shutters that I found at the ReStore, I had shells & sand I collected from the beach, I had a jute covered (texture) A for our last name, I had a hand-painted sign I made, I had lanterns which I just LOVE and some nautical decor that reminds me of home (South Carolina Coast!).

They say that you can tell alot about a person based on their mantle. I wonder what my mantle says about me? Hmmm ...

Well you can decide that for yourself ...
but here is my mantle!! :)

This is what it looks right now, while I'm blogging @ midnight! :)
I love the candles!

So what does your mantle look like? Do you change it around for the holidays?
Is it simple? Cluttered? themed?
What rules do you follow when decorating it?
What do you think it says about you?

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  1. It looks just fabulous, love the nautical theme, all of it!

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