Friday, September 10, 2010

New spin on the same 'ol Nursery Letters!

Like every other nursery around, I have Letters! :)
I mod-podged scrapbook paper to the painted letters,
added some ribbon and hung them on the wall ... Easy enough!

See the letters? I guess they are ok ... but I just wasn't digging it.
Maybe beacuse I used his monogram and not his full name ...
but I just thought it needed something else!

Well, like i've mentioned before -
I'm cleaning out the craft room pile of junk treasures
and came across a big empty frame!!
I knew what had to be done ...

I spray painted it red - so it would pop against the teal renter's walls (sigh)
and added the letters with hot glue!
Easy Peesy!

Now it looks like this ...

Much Better!! Don't you think?
These are my favorite type of projects -
Simple. Easy. Cheap.
But with a BIG impact! :)

Notice the crib skirt & bumpers are gone ... yeah, I'm STILL working on those!
Stages, my friends, Stages! :)

I just love how the N and the G are off of the wall - giving it a little depth! :)
and I loovee the floating A. :) 

Oh and see that cute little Nautical Mobile?
I whipped that up in about 10 minutes - I'll show you how soon, promise!


  1. That looks so awesome! What a great idea. Thanks for visiting and linking up on Mingle Mondays!!

  2. Great idea! I like your take on monograms. :o) Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Meet & Greet. Happy Monday! :o)
    Larri at Seams Inspired

  3. What a great idea!!!
    HI I'm your new follower from Meet & Greet Monday
    Have a lovely week

  4. ohh I love that look. The frame made a huge impact.


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