Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Re-purposed Garment Bag.

If you saw this in the $1 at the Thrift Store would you buy it?

Yeah, I know ... it's ugly. reaall ugly.
But I bought it anyways! I KNEW I could think of something!!
I mean, it was $1. and i'm a sucker for a sale!!

When I got home and opened it up - it was HUUUGEEE!!

and I had the perfect idea ... a dog bed - for our monster of a dog :)

So I found three of the ugliest pillows I could find ... yes, it's essential they be ugly! :)
Some cheap & adorable Dog Bone Fabric at JoAnnas for $2.99 a yard,
and whipped up a quick slipcover for the pillows! (I wanted to be able to wash it!)

Then I decided to "personalize it".
Everyone knows the perfect PREPPY dog bed would have a "monogram" of sorts!

So I used black paint I already had mixed with Textile Medium!
You use 2 parts paint to 1 part Textile Medium.
(but check the instructions your may be different)! ;)

and then I got this ...

I just free-handed mine ... but if you have stencils or a cricut it could look so much better!

Then - Stuff the slipcover with your pillows and plop it in its new home!

How cute is that??

and it's Niles approved!! :)
p.s. this monstrous dog bed will not be staying in front of the fireplace! :) Don't worry!

and the best part? The whole project cost me less than $10!!!
Now go look for an old, cheap, ugly suitcase and make your pup a new bed on the cheap!

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  1. Great idea!! Very imaginative! I may have to try something like this!

  2. Oh Em Gee!!!!!!! That is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! I could not love that I have to find a
    Thanks so much for linking up to gettin' crafty on hump day :)

  3. I love it! What a perfect entry for Vintage Suitcase Friday! Don't forget to grab a button from the sidebar. Thanks!


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