Monday, September 20, 2010

Semi-Ugly but Super-Practical To-Do List

I love lists!!
I make at least three to-do lists every day.
and then I loose them.
or Niles' eats them.
or Monkey tears them up.

And I can NEVER find them when I'm out running errands and need them.

But then I made this ... 
A to-do list that clips on to my AC vent.
It is always there when I need it.
I can easily see it while I'm out running errands.
and I can rip it off and take it in the store with me - so I actually buy what I need! :)

Want to make one?
It's so easy!

You need one ID clip ...

and an ID Badge Holder that looks like this. 

I'm not sure why I had these things -
but you could easily pick up a a big box
at WalMart or Staples for cheap!
1. Attach the snap from the clip through the slot on the plastic badge holder.
2. Add a piece of scrap fabric for flare! :)
3. Stick your Post-It Notes in the Plastic Slot.
That's it! :)
Told you it was easy!

If you're feeling like an over-achiever...
you can also hot glue a tiny piece of elastic on back to hold your pen.

Now clip it to your car and go run errands!

and now you won't forget to take that return back.
or pick up your dry cleaning.

You can thank me later! :)

I like to party ... go check out all the craftiness.



  1. This is a clever idea.

    I am your new follower.


  2. A very practical idea. I am so doing this because I lose my lists in the car!

  3. Ha ha, great, super great. I am the SAME exact way, making alists all day long, and then losing them. Oh man how many times my list has disappeared half way thru my shopping trip, and my brain is lost without it. Love this idea!!!

  4. That is so smart of you, I love it, am going to make one now. Thank you very much.


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