Sunday, September 26, 2010

Style Trends - Fall 2010!

It's Fall!!!
In the Fashion world it's been "fall" for quite some time but I just couldn't bare looking at those long sleeve sweaters in August. It's still 100 degrees in Florida but at least now it's almost October.
That's fall enough for me! :)

I worked management at Ann Taylor Loft before Monkey was born and I always knew what was "in" - or at least what was in there. But I realized over the course of Girl's Weekend that I had NOOOO clue what the trends & colors were this fall. Gasp - am I really in my mom bubble of shorts & t-shirts? AHHH!

So I did some research - Trendsetters, INSTYLE, People, Fashion Week, Fashionable Friends! :) and now I'm back ... whooo hoo. Feels sooo good!

Want to know what's in this fall?

Some of it I like (Layers!) -- some of it I'm not diggin' at all (leather) .... so take what you like and toss what you don't. Either way - you'll be a little bit more stylish than you were 3 minutes ago! ;) and what mom doesn't want that?
hey, just because you're rocking mom jeans, doesn't mean they have to be ugly, right?
Think Heidi Klum. Helloo sexy!

So what colors are in this fall/winter?

I'm LOVING the Orchid & Lagoon!!

, Textures (yay!)
Lace!! (Vintage Inspired Doilies, etc)
Ruffles (yes, still!)
Military (huh?)
Boots of all heights (love!!)
leggings (again but i love it.)
leather!! (not so sure - can be great. can be BBAADD)
Capes? Not my Jam.

Some "Preppy Mom" looks that I'm loving ...

The buttoned up Ruffle Shirt - (Ann Taylor Loft)

I LOVE a great Cardigan!
 It's a Preppy mom must - and this one is perect.
Feminine yet Sassy. (Ann Taylor Loft)

I LOVE this look - leggings, boots, the fitted blazer, the shades of black & gray.
I think it says "I'm classy yet sexy. Bring it on!"

Leggings, Dresses, Boots .... works every time!

So this is what I mean by military --
Not Camo ... but clothes inspired by uniforms ...
Interesting .... it's growing on me! :)

Denim for Fall 2010 ...
•Tailored looks with pleats ,trouser pockets etc.
•Tight skinny fits
•Tapered looks
•Rolled hems

mixed metals, chains, pearls, chunky

Now the utlimate preppy mom will find these looks for WAY less!
I'm on a mission ...


  1. LOVE that pink cardigan! $60 though... yikes! I would love to see a frugal way to make this too.

  2. How do you search for clothes that look like what you posted but for less money? I am a fashion disaster if I don't see things put together first. Never sure what looks good together and petite size so struggle every day.


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