Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Mantle!

Ohhh this Holiday decorating is SOOOO much fun!!!
It's October ... which means HALLOWEEN!!!

So the Mantle has gone through yet ANOTHER transformation!
See Summer Mantle here.

From Sweet Fall ....

To Spooky Halloween!

I'm not quite finished ... like everything else - its a work in progress!
But its good enough for now!

I switched my reversible bunting to the Halloween side! Then collected some branches on an afternoon walk with monkey, spray painted them black and threw them in a white vase I picked up at a yard sale for .25! I love the effect they add to the mantle! The 2 x 4 scrap wood Spookies proudly sits on the mantle - along with candy corn filled DIY Apothecary jars from the Dollar Tree! I cut out the letters "BOO" from black cardstock and tied them on with thin black ribbon!

Lanterns filled with oogley, creepy (candy!) eyes are an added touch!

I switched out the Fall Rag Wreath with this Halloween inspired one! :)
Who doesn't love burlap and orange pom poms? :)
Actually - I'm not CRAZY about this wreath - but it works.

I do love that little Spider though! :)

I like to party ... join the fun!


  1. This is fabulous! I'm really impressed! :)

  2. So cute! Love your little spider peeking through your wreath. Thanks for linking up!


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