Monday, October 25, 2010

Hanging Dish Towel Tutorial

So I finally got around to making another Hanging Dish Towel - and as promised, I took pictures this time!

What you need:
- Dishtowel
- Potholder
- - Button & Needle/Thread (or Sewing Machine)

1. Open up your Dishtowel - now you want to sew a basting stitch/running stitch all the way across the dishtowel  (hamburger style or horizontal).

2. Then pull ONE of the strings, so that it begins to ruffle.

When pulling - you want to make sure that your dishtowel is the same length as your potholder once "scrunched". Does that make sense?

See how my "scrunched" towel is the same width as my pot holder.

*Also - I used a SQUARE potholder, so I had to fold mine like a diamond -- but if you're using a RECTANGLE, you will fold yours hamburger style.

So it should look like this:

4. Now it's time to sew on the potholder ... you want to face the dishtowel and potholder right sides together. The "wrong" side of the potholder should be facing up.

5. Now sew down the center of the ruffle. (Make sure to change the settings back to normal, if you used your machine for the baste stitch!)

So now it should look like this:

6. Hand sew on your button!

Hang it up and Admire:

So I feel like I made this look WAY harder than it is ... it's really very easy! So if you have ANY questions or my tutorial doesn't make sense ... please just leave a comment!!

These make wonderul gifts and if you hit up the Dollar Store you could make these for less than $2!!


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  3. Stopping by from Making Friends Monday. Cute Blog!! Love the towel idea, what a great Christmas gift those could be. :)

    Have a great Monday!

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  7. Ha!! Great job you did. I remember the ones where they used to crochet but this is easy peasy.
    I am a new follower.

    I also have a GIVEAWAY. I am giving away a one year supply of WATER YOU WANT, this takes the chlorine out of your drinking water one glass at a time. Great for travel and restaurants

  8. That is a really cool project. I'm filing it for one of those days when I have energy but lack ideas. Winter is full of that.

  9. Great tutorial! I am hoping I can start sewing sometime soon. Stopping by from the Meet Me Monday hop. I hope you'll stop by and follow back!

  10. Love this! I do not have a place to hang a towel other than through the handle of the fridge, and that doesn't work so well. I can see this helping to keep towels off the floor in the bathroom as well. Thanks!!!!

  11. TOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! Where'd you get that towel and hot pad? SO cheerful looking, I love them!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!! :)


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