Friday, October 29, 2010

The holidays are near - Celebrate with Shutterfly!

It's almost November!!!
Oh my, where did October go? :)

My friends - It's the most wonderful time of year --
THE HOLIDAYS are near!!
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years -
Just thinking about them fills me with Cheer!

The holidays mean Parties, Cards & Presents!
and Shutterfly is always a part of all 3 for me!

Every year we buy my parents one of those awesome Picture Calenders!
It used to be pictures of my sister and I when we were younger -
a nice flashback that my parents loved!
But this year - as expected - it's all about monkey man!!

 I'm having a hard time deciding between the traditional Wall Calender!

Or the new awesome Desk Calender!

Then there are the Cards!!
It's our first "Family Christmas" - so the card has to be perfect!!
They have soo many beautiful ones!

I love the monogram look of this one!
So Preppy!

But then I love how this one is so trendy with the "Subway Art" look!

But maybe we'll spice it up and send Thanksgiving Cards instead!!
Or maybe both!!!
You can never have enough pictures of monkey! ;)

and how adorable are these?

No matter what you Celebrate this Holiday season,
Pictures make everyone smile!
So I'm sure that Shutterfly has something for you!



  1. Following you through the Bee Friendly Hop!

    you can find me at!

  2. These are so cute! The calendars are such a great gift idea!

  3. I found you from design it chic blog hop. I love your blog and am now following. I never thought about doing Thanksgiving cards thats such a great idea!

  4. Hi this is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen. I am a regular follower who really enjoys reading your blog. Have a great weekend.


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