Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's the little things!

This weekend was wonderful -- that's why I haven't posted much! :)

Greek Festival Friday night for delicious food & fun music!

A trip downtown to the Farmer's Market,
where Tarzan got me these beautiful sunflowers ...

and these cute little pumpkins ...

I'm picturing a new Dining Room Centerpiece! :) 

Then I found this adorable little Owl vase for $6.00! 

I love him. I've named him Hal. Hal the Owl.

I did some crafting, added a few more Halloween decorations (i know, i know!) and LOTS of laundry!! A little more house cleaning tonight and then I'm ready for a new week of blogging! I've also lined up some great giveaways coming in the next few weeks!  

How was your weekend? :)

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