Friday, October 29, 2010

A little of this and that!

This week has been super crazy, so I haven't done a ton of crafting ...
but I did manage to whip up this delicious cheesecake yesterday!! 

I'll have to share the recipe next week!!! :) It's Amazing!

So besides baking - what else has been going on around here?
well, LOTS!

Little monkey man has an pneumonia - so Monday & Tuesday were filled with hospital trips, catheters, blood samples & x-rays! It was really scary but 3 days of antibiotics later - he's feeling better! :) Thank you God!

My husband has 2 of his college roommates visitng for a LONG weekend -- which means we now have 4 kids in the house ;) (jokes. sorta!) But monkey is really loving "hanging out the guys"! (and I'm loving my alone time!)

My mom is flying into town Saturday to see Monkey on his 1st Halloween - so we are very excited about that! You know what that means when mom comes into town ... BABYSITTER = Date night!! ;)

Celine Dion named one of her twin babies Nelson .... I'm such a trendsetter! :)

I've completed ONE Christmas gift (for my 4 yr old step-brother)! I'm taking the homemade pact this year and hoping to make the majority of my gifts! I think it means so much more!

Then I added a few more last minute Halloween Decorations ...

Spooky Spider Silhouette Wall Art.

New Family Pets! :)

Cob Web Creepy Candles.

So yeah, like you, we've been busy!
But I'll be back to crafting/blogging Monday in full force!
with a GIVEAWAY!


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