Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moms: I Need advice! Baby Food!!?

I'm toying with the idea of making my own baby food!!
I have the food processor (magic bullet!)
I have the food. (haha)
and I have a hungry baby.
I'm ready!

Lately we've just been chopping up whatever we are having for dinner and feeding it to monkey! He loves it!!! Which is good - because he's not a big fan of baby food (I'm still nursing!).

But I'd like to make it for more than one day at a time, so we are able to take it with us ...

So - do you have a trick to store it all? Freeze it for a month at a time? What containers do you use? 
I've heard ice trays??
HELP! :)
Thanks so much!!


  1. I just saw a post about making your own baby food today - can't remember where, but I'll dig around and see what I can find! It sounds SUPER easy!!

  2. I did this for my son a few months ago (he's now 16 months old). I made the food, froze it in ice trays (it's just the right portion) and then stored the cubes in freezer bags. As he got older I would de-frost two cubes instead of one. Not only is it easy to take along, but it makes sure that baby always eats healthy and "organically". One afternoon of cooking 6-7 different meals lasted him about 2 months. So it's a huge time saver as well. Have fun!

  3. I've seen people do it with jars with the flat plate, then vacuum seal, then metal ring. I think that lasts a week, but you'd have to research that a little further...

  4. Oh, and I used this book (see below) for recipes and guidelines of when to introduce what foods.

  5. found it!

  6. Let me know how you make out. I have an 18-month-old now, but I am definitely interested in trying to make my own food when we have another baby :)

    New follower from Welcome Wednesday!



  7. I made my own baby food for my second little guy and i loved it! I wish i had known how easy it was the first time around! There is nothing better than knowing exactly what you are feeding your little one!
    The best way that i found to do it is to find someone else who has a baby in the same age range and who is interested in making baby food and that you get along with! (no worries if no one comes to mind you can still do it by yourself!)
    A good friend of mine & I got together every 2 weeks and each made 2 or 3 different "recipes" in big batches and then split them so we had options, having someone to do the work with is also a huge bonus! The simple way to do it is to freeze the food in regular ice cube trays (or spring for the fancy made for baby food ones if thats what you prefer) then transfer to freezer bags when they are frozen. Every night i would pull out breakfast, lunch and dinner for my little guy and put it in individual containers (with lids)in the fridge so by morning they were ready to eat! Heat in the mircrowave for about 10 seconds to take some of the chill out of it and add rice cereal or single grain oatmeal and you are good to go! I really hope this helps! I would love to share any info with you if you would like the recipes that we used please feel free to e-mail me i'd be happy to share!!

  8. I made my own baby food for both of my kids, and it's really not too bad. You can make a lot pretty easily and it lasts a long time. I froze them in ice cube trays and then once they're set, put them in freezer bags. One cube is plenty to get them started...and it's SO easy to throw them in a container when you need to eat out and about, too. (as long as you give it enough time to defrost on its own).

    Check out
    It's an awesome website with lots of recipes and tips! Happy cooking!


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