Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Halloween!

All of my Halloween decorating is getting a little out of hand ...
But it's just soooooo fun!!!! I think my one "tub" per Holiday rule is quickly going out the window!! :)

Here are a few more things I've been working on ...

so painting is obviously not my thing ... but it's the idea that counts, right? actually - I'll be painting over this and trying again!! :)

I love this little Bat Frame! I had an old frame that didn't have any glass so I spray painted it black, covered the cardboard with some Halloween fabric and hot glued these little 3D Bats on!
The bats are from Michaels - .29 each! :)
Cheap. Quick. Cute.
My favorite kind of project!!


  1. I'd love to visit your front door on Halloween! Nice job!

  2. New follower here, your blog is wonderful! Your crafts are great!!

  3. I don’t know how I ran across your blog- but I did - and it has inspired me to again pick up my blog ! I really don’t know what post it was that did it( by the read I read them all , and I’m at work ! LOL) But I m totally like Hey I can do this ! So tonight when I get home I’m going to start my little crafting adventure through my life ! ( good blog name ) Just wanted to day Thanks for blogging ! :)

  4. New follower here from FMBT!

    Your halloween decorations look great. I especially love the broom!


  5. Your decorations are soo cute. I wish I got into the seasons with decor. Love it!


  6. you are so crafty! that's awesome! I also do a feature of SAHM craftiness and etsy shops so I'd love to showcase you if you're interested. I love craft trades and all that stuff. so check out one of my features and let me know what you think.


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