Monday, October 4, 2010

Rosette Flower Clip Tutorial

Don't you just love these little Flower clips?
Want to make your own?
It's sooo easy! :)
What you need:
-  a fake Flower (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.67, 50% off).
- Felt
- Some Fabric for Rosette
- Alligator Clips (Walmart - Bead Aisle, $2.00)
- Glue Gun
- Any embellishments for center

Cut a thin piece of felt to cover the alligator clip.

Now glue the felt covered clip to the back of the flower.
(I pulled the green part of the flower off - so it would lay more flat!)

Now cut two more thin pieces of felt and glue them over Alligator clip to hold it in place!
(only one shown in picture, but you need two!)

That's it!!

Want to make the Rosette Center?

Take a long, thin piece of fabric in a coordinating color
and tie a knot on one end.

Now twist your fabric in a flower shape, occasionally hot gluing as you go!
There are a million more detailed Rosette Tutorials - if you need further help!

Once you're finished with your rosette - hot glue it to the center of your flower.

Add some embellishments (I chose pearls of course!) and you're done! :)

Now attach it to a Tutu ...

or a headband ....

and then make a bunch ...
because they are just so cute! :)

I'm partying here today ... won't you join me?


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  5. Ridiculously cute! I've yet to see a rosette in a flower! Creative!


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