Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tulle Tube Tamberine!

My MIL signed monkey & I up for some Gymboree classes and he absolutely LOVES all the musical toys - tamberines, rattles, etc!! We have a few at home ... but of course he doesn't like them as much as he likes the ones there! :) haha.

So - In true DIY Fashion ... I decided to make him some new toys!!

I go through lots of these .....

which means I end up with a lot of these ...

but with a glue gun, some Orzo (or pasta or beans!) and some cardboard to close up the ends ...

You get one very noisy Tamberine Tube and one VERY happy (half-dressed up THREE hours past bedtime) CRAWLING baby!!!

You can leave them plain ... or jazz them up with some Fabric Scraps! :)

So easy! So fun! :)

Take that Gymboree!


  1. What a cute idea, and the baby seems to be enjoying it very much.

  2. You are so crafty! I'm sure my little Chase would love to shake (and chew one) one of these :) I may just have to look around for what I have to make a rattle from!

    I found you doing the Welcome Wednesday blog hop! Check me out at http://shearerlife.blogspot.com

  3. that's a great idea! I love gymboree! So glad to have found you via Wandering Wednesday. I'm an Air Force Wife. Please come check out my blog and make sure to check out my Military Resources section. I also run an online forum for military wives. I'd love for you to come check that out as well!

  4. What a cute idea and what a cute lil guy. Now following you from Wed. blog hop.


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