Friday, October 22, 2010

Zipper Petal Headband (with Tutorial)

I'm on a hair accessory kick ... just you wait and see what I've been working on! ;) so yup - here's ANOTHER Zipper Headband I whipped up during a re-run of 24!

Jack Bauer makes my heart go pitter patter. Seriously.

But anyways - I'm loving the Zipper Trend. and I'm loving how affordable and easy it is to replicate!

So here is my latest creation ....

What do you think?
Want to make one for yourself?

Self photography is clearly not my forte ... but trust me - it's cute!

What you need:
- 22-24 inch Zipper (any color but I prefer the ones with metal zippers!)
- Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
- Small Piece of Felt
- Headband (any kind!)

1. Start by separating your long zipper into two pieces. (no picture, sorry!) You may have to cut the zipper pull off - that's ok, just save it!

2. Take ONE side of the zipper and cut it into 8 - 3 inch pieces.

3. Hot glue them into little petals! I lay the piece flat, add a drop of hot glue to the right side and then fold over the left side. Make sure that all the "loops" are going the same direction.

4. Cut a small felt circle and being gluing your petals around it.

It should look like this!

6.  Take the other zipper strand and cut it in half - so you will have 2 - 12" pieces.

7. Now this is the trick to getting a nice, flat coil in the center -- picture is blurry, but hopefully you can still see - on ONE of the 12" pieces - cut as close to the zipper as possible.

8. Begin to coil the zipper - hot gluing occasionally.

Until it looks like this -

9. Now hot glue the center coil onto the Petal Circle.

10. Now embellish the center - I chose to use the Zipper Pull!

So now you could totally leave it like this ... add a pin to the back and make a brooch, or attach it to a headband - so cute! But I decided to go a little further - spice it up!

11. Now take the other 12" piece of zipper and cut it into 2 - 6" pieces

13. Fold them over to make 2 more petals (just like the first ones we made, only double the size)

14. Attach it to the back of your flower (if you used the zipper pull as the center, make sure you attach your petals so the zipper pull is hanging down!).

So now it looks like this -

Fancy eh?

15. Now attach this to your headband.

16. Then cut one more felt circle to cover the headband.

and you're done!!!

A super cute, trendy DIY Zipper headband for fall!

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  1. I like the color and think it looks really cute on you. Great job.

  2. I love this idea!!! Have to make one!
    Love Aska

  3. Very cute, I love seeing how creative and crafty others are! You for sure have that gift! I would love to make one, maybe I will give it a try, but not sure mine will look as cute as yours! New follower from blog hop!

  4. Wow, I don't know how you have the patience to do that, but it turned out wonderfully! I'm your newest follower from the Fabulous Friday Follow, hope you can follow me back at Cheapskate4Life!

  5. Hi! I'm Lindsay from Boman, party of 5. I'm your newest follower and I found you on Follow me Chickadee!
    Love your blog! Hope you'll stop by!

  6. Came over from the Blog Hop....

    Love this head band! I had to look twice is tell it was a zipper! How creative!!

  7. This is so cute. Great work!

    Stopping by from Mommy Madness Friday!

  8. oh man, i totally want to make this!! it is surprisingly easy, cool :) thanks for sharing


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