Saturday, November 13, 2010

I need your help!!

I'm participating in my very first Craft Fair on December 3rd!
I'm excited, nervous and no way near prepared enough!
I've actually NEVER even been to a craft fair ....
So this is why I need your help!! :)

What would you buy?
It's December - are you buying Christmas decorations? Gifts? For yourself? 
What are some of your favorite things you've bought from craft fairs?

Some ideas:
- holiday crafts
- Holiday Tutu Sets
- Chalkboard place mats
- Coffee Cozy's
- Car Trash Bags
- Embroidery Hoop Earring Holder
- Aprons
- Hanging Dish Towels
- Crayon Rolls/Kids Crayon Aprons
- Headbands
- Ruffled Scarves

Come on - load me up with lots of good ideas/advice!!!

Thanks ladies!



  1. OOh - that sounds exciting!
    Years ago I bought a few strings of painted and glittered metal Christmas garland and I have used them every year since. I have seen your precious tutu sets and would DEF scoop them up! Of course I LOVE the hanging dish towels too! Love your chalkboard place mats as well!
    I tend to want to shop for others at craft shows, but it would be way easy for me to grab up a few headbands, aprons or scarves for myself too! Sorry - probably not too helpful. Do you know what other booths are selling? Maybe you could find a gap in merchandise and fill it with something you make? Hope its awesome and you have tons of fun!

  2. I know the tutu sets are always big sellers, I love your Xmas tree shaped crayons I think they would sell great! Also anything that you love other people will love. The most important thing to do is have a blast!!

  3. Oooohhhh, fun! I would be most likely to buy your chalkboard placemats, Christmas tree crayons (so cute), ruffled scarves (and the felt flowers), and maybe a headband. I know a friend of mine just had great luck with selling tutus at a craft fair too. I just wouldn't buy one because my daughter already has two. Have fun!!! I can't wait to see pictures and hear how it went.


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