Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last minute Halloween Costumes!

Tarzan and I toyed with ideas for the perfect Halloween costume for WEEKS!
He wanted bacon & eggs, I wanted Lucy & Ricki.
He wanted Gladiators. I wanted 20's Gangsters.
We couldn't agree on anything.

Then we decided we weren't going to dress up this year -
But then Saturday afternoon came and so did the Party Invites!
So I had to pull something together quick!

 $5.00 & 1 hour later - we had costumes ....

Uncle Sam & Miss Liberty!

*please excuse the TERRIBLE pictures -
we had a rookie working the camera! :)


Very fitting, right? Since the hubs is in the Navy! :)

The Uncle Sam Hat was soo easy to make! I bought a foam cowboy hat from the Dollar Store for the "base" - then I used a poster board for the tall part! I added strips of felt for the stripes & stars with hot glue. I thought about trying to make the Uncle Sam jacket but we didn't have time! So instead - we played up the Vintage War Posters and I used wonder under for the words "I want you! I used one of his old white shirts and the bow tie was made with leftover scraps from the hat- so the whole thing cost me less than $3.00!

For mine, I wore an old dress that I already had! Then I bought a piece of thick Foam at Michael's, painted it and then free-handed the crown & hot glued it to an old headband! My torch was a flashlight from the Dollar Store, wrapped in Fabric with a half a Styrofoam ball covered with orange fabric for the flame! I had almost everything on hand except the foam and the flashlight, so it cost me $2.00!

Not too shabby for last minute and $5.00!
We had so much fun at a costume party with friends!

and of course my monkey man was none other than a monkey for his 1st Halloween! :)
We took him to a Fall Festival at church,
he was too young but he loved watching the big kids!

Then Sunday night they handed out candy! :)

Nelson loved it! :)

I'm pulling down the Halloween decorations today ...
perhaps I'll put on some Christmas music while I do it.

ohhhhh, hello November.
I've missed you!


  1. I am a new Follower from Follow me Tuesday. Can’t wait to read more of your blog.

    Please follow me back

  2. Ha.. nice and easy! Kudos! You pulled up some great Halloween costumes in so little time:)Oh and your little monkey man is so adorable! Glad you had fun on Halloween, and I'm with you Whitney: I'm so looking forward to Christmas.. love December:)
    Have a great day and feel free to check out our new HTML tutorial going on today! Happy Wednesday!


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