Friday, November 12, 2010

Monkey's New Hideout!

This is where you will find Nelson throughout the day --

in his new favorite hideout! 

The Pantry ... 

with a soda in hand!

Like Mother, Like Son? ;)



  1. Haha! Oh Nelson how I love you! What's that saying about boys eating their parents outta house and home?! Just wait til he's a little bigger! haha

  2. I'm dying over his outfit. So cute!

  3. Lucas does the EXACT same thing; he LOVES the pantry!! Too cute!! ;o) And soda...Me too...Coke all the way, girlfriend!! I never did hear back from you about the giveaway...My line up starts next week; I hate that package got lost, esp. with the thing you had for Lucas...That was SO sweet of you!! Hope you're having a great week, girl!! :o)


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