Friday, November 26, 2010

A TV & A BIKE ...

No, that's not what I bought on Black Friday.....

That's what I saw ...
a man walked out of Best Buy and strapped this bad boy onto his bike!

and then he rode off .... into the sunset.
Happily Ever After.
Until he ran a stop sign and almost got hit by a car.
that's Black Friday for ya!!

I went to get a TV but when I got there at 4 they were already gone!! I didn't quite understand since it said they didn't go on sale until 5 ... but apparently people were camping out at midnight so they handed out tickets! Needless to say - I don't think I'll try for the "electronic" deals again - it's just too much craziness!

I did get some great movies (we looovee movies in this house!), a coffee maker for Tarzan, some $5 T-shirts from Old Navy (stay tuned for a re-purposing soon) and a few random things! But honestly - nothing was worth getting up at 3:30 for! :)

So how about you?
Did you go out for Black Friday?
Did you get what you went for?
Was it a complete madhouse?



  1. This is crazyyyyy !
    Stayed home here, no Black Friday...I get too disappointed :)
    Happy blog hop and come follow me back and see my blog !

  2. No Black Friday here...stayed in!

    I'm visiting from the Friday Hop...and am now a follower!

    Stop by if you get a chance.

    Coupon Clippin' Daddy

  3. Hi, nice blog! I'm now following from the blog hop. I'd love a follow back at
    Have a great weekend! Mika

  4. I went once a couple of years ago just to see what the hype was and that was plenty enough excitement for me. It's not worth getting pushed, swore at, and trampled for. I sleep in and spend time with my babies :)


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