Sunday, November 14, 2010

Veteran's Day + Blue Angels

Tarzan starts the second part of Flight School this Tuesday,
so we really tried to enjoy every last minute of our last FREE weekend!

Saturday morning we cleaned house -
(ok - so maybe we didn't enjoy every minute,
but we did utilize every minute! haha)

Then we headed to Applebee's for our free meal for Veteran's!
Did anyone else go? What a nice treat!!

Afterwards we headed to the Naval Base for the Blue Angels Homecoming Show!
I just LOVE the Blue Angels!

If you've never seen them - add it your bucket list!
They are absolutely amazing!!!
But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

As the daughter & wife of pilots, every time they flew upside down
or 1 foot away from the wings of another plane, my heart skipped a beat.

But the rush is incredible!
The talent is unbelievable.
The dedication to training admirable.

It was a wonderful way to spend Veteran's Day Weekend!

This is the best "family picture" we could get ... haha.

We were afraid the noise was going to bother the little monster monkey,
but he LOOVVEEDDD it!

He was all smiles, all day :)
No nap. No tears.

Today we had church, relaxed all afternoon & pizza for dinner!

I'm so THANKFUL for weekends like this!

I'm SO thankful for those fighting & serving,
 so that we are ABLE to have weekends like this!

What are you thankful for?
How did you spend Veteran's Day Weekend?
Did you remember to thank the Veteran's in your life?



  1. LOVE the Blue Angels! Once got to watch them from the water in San Francisco... AMAZING! So thankful to have my health and my family! So thankful for all the love and hope in my life. Our weekend was pretty average. And I'm always thanking the veterans in MY life! Really like your blog!

  2. We live in the same city! We didn't go to the base to watch the Blue's but watched them from our front yard. Mostly the same show without the crowds and traffic!


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