Saturday, December 25, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Almost No-Sew Artist Smock

Are you wondering where I've been?
Well somewhere between getting ready for Christmas
and getting ready for a move -
I've lost my crafting AND blogging mojo!!
I know!!!
I can't believe I just said that, either.

But I have been working on a few Christmas gifts,
and the first thing I finished is this little "artist's smock"
for my 6 year old little step-sister!

She LOVES to do all things arts & crafts!
So this year I'm going with a "Picaso Theme".

I got her some washable Paint in bottles, an artist's Palette, some paintbrushes,
2 big canvas & then made I this Artist's Smock!

I even found an adorable 4 year old model to show it off for you guys!

I used 1/3 yard of Oil Cloth off the bolt!
It only cost me about $4.00!!
and it's wipe-able for all those messes!!

The best part??
It's almost completely NO-SEW!
See? I told you - NO MOJO!

I used pinking sheers around the edges!

Then I sewed on a little pocket - including 5 special slots for her paintbrushes!!

I think she's going to love it!
My cute little model sure did! ;)


Thursday, December 16, 2010

$1 for Subscription to Family Fun!!!!

The day I got married I told my husband,
"I'll NEVER use coupons! I'm not that kinda wife".
and I didn't ... for a whole year.
and then I started blogging and saw all these great deals!!
I was missing out!!!
So now I'm a coupon clippin preppy mom.
and I'm proud of it! :)

So when I saw today that I could get a one year subscription to Family Fun for $5, I was sooo excited!
Then I entered a coupon code and I got $4 OFF!
 Yes, I got a 1-year subsciption to Family Fun for $1!!!
Plus, since I am new to the site, I got a $5.00 credit!!!
You can get this too!!!
Go here to get your subscription now!!! ;)
Then enter the coupon code FATWALLET4 to ge $4 off!!!
or use your $5.00 credit and it's FREE!!
what a deal!  


{Last Minute Hostess/Neighbor Gift}

Do you need a quick, inexpensive, last minute gift?

Last night I attended an Ornament Exchange
(and Christmas party #3 out of 4 this week - ahh!)
and I needed a last minute hostess gift ...
so I hopped over to Hallmark --
and picked up a roll of wrapping paper!
Then I tied some tape with a bow,
and a cute little card that read -
"I hope this helps you "wrap" up the Christmas Season with ease".

*sorry the pictures are so terrible - I took them as I was runinng out the door!
It was a hit.
Everyone loved it! ;)


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa's Workshop!

I've been a Elf the past few days ....
pumping out tons of handmade gifts
and SLOWLY stocking my etsy Shop!

There are lots of great things in there ....
all under $10!!
so its perfect for Stocking Stuffers or simple Christmas gifts!

and the best part!? FREE SHIPPING!!!!

I've got lots of fun Dish Towels!

Add a sweet cookie cutter or some soap and you've got a great neighbor gift!

I've got TONS of Christmas Headbands ($5.00 or less!)

and then lots of everyday headbands!

and of course some with zippers!

So please go check out my Etsy!
There may just be something you HAVE TO HAVE! :)

As for me - I'm headed back to the "workshop" (after playgroup of course!)
I have TONS more stuff left to make!!!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Cookie Recipe!? HELP!

I have a cookie exchange on Wednesday!
I experimented with recipes all weekend but didn't find one I LOVE.
So I need your help!

What's your favorite cookie recipe?
I love Chocolate.
I love Peanut Butter.
I hate coconut.

Oh - and they can't be too complicated, I'm no baker.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Powdered Sugar!

This morning I was making last minute Surpirse Birthday cupcakes!!
But my icing didn't make it home from the store ....
(or maybe it's rolling around my trunk, not sure!)
So I had to make my own!
and of course I didn't have any powdered sugar!
But guess what?

You can take 1 cup of granulated Sugar,
Place it in the blender .... for awhile.
and VOILA! Instant powdered sugar!!!

Whew! Thanks google - you saved the day.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{We're Moving ...}


Yes, you heard  me right!
If you've followed this blog for awhile, you'd know that we just MOVED!
For the THIRD time in monkey's 10 short months of life!!

Well - we're at it again!
Our rental house is being foreclosed on ... :(
so right after Christmas, we're packing up -
and moving into base housing!
which just happens to be SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than the house we are renting now.
But that also means less expensive (Dave Ramsey would be proud!)
and WAY closer to Tarzan's job!!

so perhaps its a blessing {in disguise} :)


{Giveaway Winners!}

I know you all are thinking FINALLY! :)

So without further adieu ...

The winner of the Little Green Books giveaway is .... Jenna!

Jenna said...
The Adventures of an Aluminum Can sounds like a cute book!

The winner of the Marvelous Prints giveaway is ... Kara!

Kara said...
I'm a new follower on GFC!!

Congrats Jenna & Kara!!
Send me an email within 48 hours to claim your prize!!!

I'm off to do some Christmas shopping!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{Simple Shower Curtain Spruce Up}

We're renting (no painting!) and our Master Bath is ohhh sooo Nursery Aisle Blue!
So when I was decorating -- I went with simple browns & whites!
I'm NOT a fan of baby blue!

But my plain brown shower curtain was just tooo boring ...

p.s. this isn't my curtain, i just forgot to take a before picture!

So when I walked through the Thrift Store & saw a huge pile of baby blue ruffles,
I knew what had to be done! :)

Ahhh that's better!
I just straight stitched the ruffles on with matching thread!
So easy! So cute! :)

I even made His & Her Towel Holders with a small wooden plaque from the Hobs,
some hardware and paint!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa + Easy Reindeer Craft for Kids!

The Holiday Boutique Friday night was a success, more details coming! :)
But thanks for the encouragement, I'm glad I did it!

Tarzan's Squadron had a Christmas Party this weekend!

Monkey met Santa ...

and this is how he reacted ... hahaha!
I LOVE this picture! :)

They had tons of arts & crafts for the kids ...
but this one was one of my favorite!

Seriously? How cute is that reindeer?
They are so easy too!
All you need are some clothespins, googley eyes, pom poms & elmer's glue!!

Monkey Man colored for the first time ...

and daddy even snuck him some Jello!

Which he LOVED!

We enjoyed the beautiful *winter* weather! :)

and wrapped up the weekend with a Holiday Symphonic Concert at a local university!

Oh - and I FINALLY took the Fall stuff down and began decorating my mantle!!
Pictures coming soon!

So how was your weekend???
Can you believe we're less than 3 weeks away from Christmas!?


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Last weekend for Giveaways!!

The Holiday Boutique was last night and it was great!!
I'll post more about it later but first I wanted to remind you about the two great giveaways ending tomorrow night at midnight CST!!!

Little Green Books is giving away 4 darling books!
These would make perfect Christmas gifts!!
Check it out here!!

Page over at It's Marvelous is giving away a $20 gift certificate to her Etsy shop!!!
I just got my monogrammed "W is for Whitney" cards in the mail today and they are FABULOUS!!!

So go enter the giveaways, please!

Then check back all week for some fun, new crafts, projects & tutorials! 
Now that the craft fair is over -- I can finally breathe!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

ahhh, TDC!!!

TDC ... Yes, THE Thrifty Decor Chick!
This One!!!
  whom I stalk LOVE!!
Well - she posted my "Santa's Belly" on her Facebook page!

Oh and I believe she used the word "Love".
You can see for yourself HERE!

Thanks TDC!!
That was just the confidence I needed for my Craft Fair Tomorrow!
Whoop Whoop!

Oh - and am I the only one that gets really really giddy, can't stop smiling and wants to jump up and down when someone features their projects?! :)

Yeah - I didn't think so! :)

Happy Friday!


I'm alive + Easy Christmas Gift.

This is the message I woke up to this morning!!!

"Are you still alive? You stop posting and I start to worry :)"

haha -- yes, I'm still alive!!!

Sorta! :)
Tomorrow (ahhhh!), yes - TOMORROW is my first craft fair!
So I've been working like an elf in Santa's Workshop trying to get everything ready! It's been crazy!

But I don't want to leave you completely hanging this week ...
so here's a quick, easy & inexpensive Christmas gift!

My husband LOVES going to the movies!
But with a new baby and no family or babysitter, we rarely make it!

So I'm bringing the movies to him ...

I picked up that super cute Popcorn tub from the Dollar Store! Then I threw in 3 movies (which I got for $4 on Black Friday, yayy) - added some of his favorite candy and a box of popcorn! I'm also going to throw in a few bottle beers & a pizza gift card just for fun! So easy but he's going to love it!!

This would also make a perfect gift for family friends/neighbor --
add a board game (or card) and it's the perfect Family Night In!

Or add a bottle of wine, a coupon to pick up pizza, a romance movie and you've got the perfect date night!

Ok ... back to the workshop!
This Elf has a lot of buttons to sew on.
Wish me luck tomorrow night, I'm nervous!!

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