Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm alive + Easy Christmas Gift.

This is the message I woke up to this morning!!!

"Are you still alive? You stop posting and I start to worry :)"

haha -- yes, I'm still alive!!!

Sorta! :)
Tomorrow (ahhhh!), yes - TOMORROW is my first craft fair!
So I've been working like an elf in Santa's Workshop trying to get everything ready! It's been crazy!

But I don't want to leave you completely hanging this week ...
so here's a quick, easy & inexpensive Christmas gift!

My husband LOVES going to the movies!
But with a new baby and no family or babysitter, we rarely make it!

So I'm bringing the movies to him ...

I picked up that super cute Popcorn tub from the Dollar Store! Then I threw in 3 movies (which I got for $4 on Black Friday, yayy) - added some of his favorite candy and a box of popcorn! I'm also going to throw in a few bottle beers & a pizza gift card just for fun! So easy but he's going to love it!!

This would also make a perfect gift for family friends/neighbor --
add a board game (or card) and it's the perfect Family Night In!

Or add a bottle of wine, a coupon to pick up pizza, a romance movie and you've got the perfect date night!

Ok ... back to the workshop!
This Elf has a lot of buttons to sew on.
Wish me luck tomorrow night, I'm nervous!!



  1. Good luck!!! you'll do great! and love that movies idea..such a cute, inexpensive gift.

    have a great time tomorrow night and don't sweat it!!

    xoxo follow me!

  2. Following from the blog hop - would love a follow back! Stay hip!





  3. That is so cute! I love the idea!
    My brother gave us a gift like that a
    couple of years ago and we loved it!
    Mika (

  4. This makes a great gift for movie buffs! I gave this to family members for gifts a few years backa nd they absolutely loved it. The same popcorn basket included popcorn, a movie,and a coca cola glass, and some candy....


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