Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{Simple Shower Curtain Spruce Up}

We're renting (no painting!) and our Master Bath is ohhh sooo Nursery Aisle Blue!
So when I was decorating -- I went with simple browns & whites!
I'm NOT a fan of baby blue!

But my plain brown shower curtain was just tooo boring ...

p.s. this isn't my curtain, i just forgot to take a before picture!

So when I walked through the Thrift Store & saw a huge pile of baby blue ruffles,
I knew what had to be done! :)

Ahhh that's better!
I just straight stitched the ruffles on with matching thread!
So easy! So cute! :)

I even made His & Her Towel Holders with a small wooden plaque from the Hobs,
some hardware and paint!



  1. Cute cute, I wish I could think of things like that on my own! Love it :)

  2. new gfc follower, I like your little creations. So neat. Feel free to follow back

  3. Beautiful creation...I really like doing such things.

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