Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Bobble.

Have you guys heard of Bobble?? 

They are soooo awesome!!

The Bobble™ bottle is a revolutionary new concept in BPA-free water bottles. Unlike other BPA-free bottles, the Bobble actually incorporates a built-in carbon filter that is guaranteed to provide 150 liters of pure water — which equates to about 250 bottles of water. The Bobble™ is BPA-free, made from recycled plastic and the super stylish carbon filter comes in six different colors and filters chlorine and organic contaminants from regular tap water! 

My husband's a pilot and he has been asking for this FOREVER ... 
you know, just in case he crash lands in the ocean and needs to filter the water???? 
Not sure! and I don't really want to know! haha!

I just want one because they look cool! 
and since I should be drinking OODLES of water a day -- 
why not look good doing it, right??

Well, my husband is FINALLY going to get one!
Mamapedia is having an awesome special ...
Spend $10 and get $25 worth of products!
That means I'm basically getting TWO Bobbles for the price of one!
They are normally $13.98 each (extra filters are $9.98)
I'm sooo excited!

The deal is still open ... check it out here!


  1. That is awesome! Now if it could only super cool the water instantly!!

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