Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's time ...

Monkey Man is almost ONE!
I know, it's CRAZY!! 
I can't believe he's ALMOST ONE!
BUT you know what else is CRAZY?
He STILL doesn't sleep. 
Until he FINALLY passes out!
Then he wakes up 2 hours later ....
and we fight it out again!
I'm exhausted!
and I'm pregnant.!
Beauty sleep if nothing else! ;) 

I "attachment parented" him for 11 months. 
I've had enough.
I want my bed back ... 
I want my sleep back!

So tonight ... 
I let him cry it out.
YUP - I said it.

I researched sooo many different "methods"
and decided Dr. Ferber seemed the most logical! 
Want to learn more about Ferber? 
Here's a quick synopsis on BabyCenter!

Tonight was Night 1 ... 
It took about 11 minutes and me going in after 2, 5, 7 minutes!
But then he fell asleep! :) 

Now let's see how long he sleeps for! :) 

What about you?
What works/worked for you?



  1. I'm so jealous. That's all it took? I've been struggling with my 10 month old to sleep in her crib. 20 minutes is usually the max, if we even get that far. I tried the Ferber method. After an hour and a half of her SCREAMING non-stop I gave up. We'll try again another time. Right now I'm trying to get her to play in the crib with toys for up to 5 minutes so she doesn't view it as such a bad place to be. I'm keeping my fingers crossed tonight. I laid her in the crib (already) asleep 14 minutes ago, LOL. Hoping to get at least a couple hours, but experience tells me I'll get about 6 more minutes.

  2. Here's my bad-mommy confession: Once when my son was less than six weeks old (my first) and my husband and I tried EVERYTHING and he wouldn't sleep and nothing was wrong with him and we were ZOMBIES. We let him cry in his basinette right next to our bed and we caught about 2 hours of sleep...he was crying when we fell asleep (we were that tired!) and he was crying when we woke up...did he cry the whole time? We will never know.
    Thankfully at six weeks we got a swing, and he slept in that every night until about six months (another confession).
    But at six months I moved him (and his sister when she came along) into his own room in his crib and I just deposit them in their beds at bedtime and they go to sleep. IDK how I got here? But I love it! No real advice for you though. :(

  3. whit, with Lil, we started putting her in her crib immediately. I mean, for the first two weeks she slept in a moses basket but when she napped i would, once a day, put her in her crib, then i started at nights putting her in there and since it was familiar from her naps, she seemed to be ok with it. If she fussed, i would go in there and pat her back and slowly take one finger away until my hand was off. The main thing was staying strong and not putting her in my bed like i wanted to. She slept through the night at like 3 months (from about 10 to 6/7) and now she sleeps from 7pm to 6am like a champ. I really think it was her being familiar with her crib and being in there from the beginning. Maybe this will help with the next little bundle!

  4. We put our 2 in floor beds at 10 months and it changed everything! We empties their room and baby proofed it and put their crib mattresses on the floor. They had a couple books and a stuffed animal or 2. The fact that sleeping was more in their control made them so much happier. They could look at a book or snuggle a stuffed animal and even walk around a bit, but they couldnt come out until morning. They would then just lay down and go to sleep. It is a montessori method and you can read more about our experience on my blog.

  5. I sleep-trained our last 2 boys. And the difference in their sleep is HUGE! I actually get sleep now...with the first 2 kiddos, not at all! But, I thought it was amazingly hard to let them cry. I cried and rocked and hugged myself every crying moment. But they are sleeping pros now for both naps and nighttime. And I finally get to sleep! Yay me!

    I wish you luck. You have to stay super consistent (it's so hard not to go in there!) But you can do it. And you are a better mommy when you aren't sleep deprived.

  6. My oldest son NEVER napped (from about 2 weeks on) & nights were always a big struggle. When was 8 mo old I decided it was better to be a lazy mom than a mom who was so sleep deprived she either snapped or passed out mid-day neglecting my son. I'd give him a bottle & put him in bed with me. It worked like a charm... for awhile. As he got bigger I began to get more & more knees and feet in my back so I made him start his night in his own bed (but he always managed to end up back in bed with us each night). Then I got pregnant with my 2nd. I knew the combination of morning sickness & a wiggly boy would not mix. I made him quit cold turkey & only sleep in his own bed. It was TORTURE for about a week. He would go to bed ok but would wake up a couple of hours later & scream for hours. I made sure he was safe in his crib & let him cry himself out. I felt completely neglectful but I was determined to break the bad habits I had given him. After a week he finally gave up & slept on his own (with only occasional mild breakdowns). Now he is a DREAM @ bedtime. We tuck him in, turn on quiet child's church music, turn off the light & he's out!
    My 2nd child (who just turned 1) is a different story. Although a perfect sleeper (both at night & for naps) as a baby, for the entire month of October he decided that 3AM made an excellent play time. He would keep me up for 2-3 hours every night wanting to wiggle & play. Since he shares a room with my older son I didn't want to risk having a screaming baby wake up James so I put up with it for awhile. I ended up forcing him to stay up late with me to make sure he was really tired each night. That worked until he got sick in December. I felt so bad for my congested kid that when he woke up for his night feeding I would cuddle him & sleep with him the remainder of the night in our recliner. It wasn't good sleep but the poor kid couldn't breathe when I laid him down! He decided that cuddling with Mom was the way to go & even when he was no longer sick, would demand to sleep with Mom from his night feeding through the remainder of the night. My back began to HURT! (recliners are not too easy on them apparently!) I tried even harder to force myself to stay awake during nursing so I could get him to bed as soon as he finished eating. Without fail he would wake up & scream the minute his head hit his own bed. Then I got a mini-mommy revelation. The idea came to me that he was just super hungry & refused to leave my arms cause he enjoyed nursing off and on for 3-4 hours straight (I would always fall asleep nursing so the feeding never really ended). I decided to give him an extra big solid food feeding right before bed & feed him rice cereal when he woke up in the middle of the night before I nursed him. He ended up barely nursing in the middle of the night & fell asleep so fast and stayed that way! I put him to bed each night with no troubles whatsoever! Feeding him baby food in the night was a bit of a pain but not having to have a full blown fight for sleep each night (or a poor quality of sleep on a recliner) made it worth it (and it actually took less time than just trying to nurse!) I guess he was growing and was super hungry. He's passed that phase now (thank heavens!) and once again is my good little sleeper (no nightly solid food feedings needed).
    Good luck & hang in there. Keep an open mind & listen to your own inner "mommy" voice to inspire you to know what is best for your own little guy. I'm sure you'll find your own solution & remember, baby's change & grow so much that what is a struggle this month will probably be a distant memory by next month (with yet another new & exciting experience to replace this one!) Someday (when our kids are grown) we will look back fondly to these times of being able to cuddle our little ones!
    ~Amy Jami
    (And sorry for my comment's length. I can get quite chatty!)

  7. For my oldest the solution was to stop allowing him to sleep with me (my fall back solution because it was easy & I was tired!) I made sure he was safe in his crib & let him scream himself to sleep (which took hours each night). After a week he gave up & now he is a perfect sleeper!

    My 1 year old had a phase where he wanted to play for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night so I forced him to stay up late so he would be tired the entire night. That worked until he started wanting to nurse for 3-4 hours in the middle of the night while I dozed on our recliner. I started feeding him a big meal right before bed and then even a rice cereal feeding in the middle of the night before I nursed him. It worked! No more fights & he went to bed again so fast! He only needed the nightly feeding a couple of weeks. Now things are back to normal & I am a much happier momma!

    Good luck! Sleep deprivation is TERRIBLE!!!
    ~Amy Jami

  8. Hi! Stopping by from the breastfeeding blog hop! :D

    Our boy is 14 months and still doesn't sleep through the night! Over the past couple weeks we've settled into a routine that is working for us, though. I put him to bed in his crib at 7:30, where he sleeps until 11:30. He then wakes up and I take him to bed with us to nurse. He stay with us until I get up for work at 4:30am, then I put him back in his crib while I get ready. At 6, we leave for Grammie's house!

    But, as I've learned, nothing stays the same for long, so it all could change next week! Not sure how I'd feel about bedsharing if I were pregnant again, but I hope to find out soooon! (BTW, I'm a new follower!)

  9. Hi. I just stopped by on the Breastfeeding Blog Hop. Your site is so cute, I love it!

    All my children slept through the night by 3 months but my first wouldn't actually fall asleep unless I rocked him. You can imagine that I didn't want to do that every night! So when he was around 10 months I had to let him cry it out for about a week so that he could learn to fall asleep on his own. With my daughters, I learned to sometimes put them down when they were tired but still awake and I haven't had the same problem that I did with my son yet. I hope your little boy starts sleeping soon!

    Come by and visit.


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