Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sleep update!

Remember my post here?
Asking for advice on sleeping ... 
well you guys certainly came through!! 
Thanks so much! 

and I'm sure you're just dying for an update! ;)
Yes - I'm shouting from the rooftops!!

It's amazing!
We lay him down at 7 - and he goes to sleep!
No crazy man, up all night screaming! 
(yes, we're mean - we went cold turkey on everything at once!)
Then he sleeps through the night -- and normally wakes up at 5. 
Which is wayyy too early for me -- so I breastfeed and put him back in the crib!
and he sleeps until 6-7! 
It's Incredible! 
Oh did I mention he naps too?
YES! He went from no sleeping, no naps to sleeping ALL NIGHT with TWO Naps!! 

Yes - i am now officially one of the moms you hate.
The one whose children sleep! :)
Oh - I know the feeling!
I was totally a sleepy-kid, mom-hatin' momma. 
 It's true.

But Dr. Ferber -- mad props doc. 
You are a genius!! 

It wasn't all easy - and it took a few nights of crying!
But in the end --- we have a MUCH happier baby!
and if only the all-night puke fest would stop ... 
we'd have a MUCH happier Momma!   

oh and how's the hubs feel about this?
"man, this is awesome - why didn't we do it MONTHS ago?"

so true Tarzan, so true.
You live and learn right?


  1. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! It means alot when others thank us for our military service. I also saw you are in Pensacola...we used to live right outside of Destin, FL in Niceville for 7 yrs before moving to S. Carolina. My oldest spent some time at Nemour's as a baby for a heart issue (all is well now). I miss Florida..hoping to get back one day! Please stay in touch!!!

  2. My son is almost 6 months and we started doing this tonight. It's so hard. I've been crying as much as he has. I hope we see the same results you did.


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