Monday, February 28, 2011

{Super Simple Shamrock Shirt}

As The Preppy Mom, I love to dress Nelson up!
and Holidays are certainly no exception!
However, as A Frugal Mom, I hate to spend a fortune on things he will only wear once!

So I've resorted to making them!
It's fun!
It's inexpensive!
and it's more special - because you made it yourself! 
(all that blood, sweat & swear words) kidding.kidding.

Here's the shirt I made for Monkey Man to ward off those sneaky little pinchers! :)

Want to make one for your little leprechaun?

What you need:
Green T-shirt (mine was $3.50 at Wally world)
Freezer Paper
Lime Green Fabric Paint (I like Tulip Soft)
Paint Brush

I cut my Shamrock pattern out using my Silhouette - 
however, if you don't have one -- just find one on google, print it out and trace it.
Make sure you trace the shamrock on the non-glossy side of the Freezer Paper.

Now iron your stencil (shiny side down) onto your t-shirt.
My shirt had a pocket, so I had to use a small shamrock on the pocket. 
But if the shirt is plain - make it big! :) 

Now paint it! ;)
(put some cardboard in between the shirt so the paint doesn't bleed through)

 Read the directions for the paint!
It says do 2 coats - 4 hours apart. 
Nope - I'm inpatient -- I did like 3 coats right away!

Gently pull the stencil off.
Wait for it to dry!
If you're inpatient like me, this is the hardest part!

Now you need to "set" your paint.
Use a cloth (or paper towel, haha) and iron over the paint. 
This will make the paint last longer through washes. 
(or so they say, I haven't tested it out!)

Stand back and admire your shirt! :)

Not bad for $3.50 and 10 minutes! :) 

Actually, this post took a LOT longer to write than it took to make the shirt!! 


Friday, February 25, 2011

{Simple Shamrock Headband Tutorial}

I completely let Valentine's Day slip by me this year --
I didn't do ONE craft. (can you believe that?)

So this time I'm not letting that happen!
St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner --
and I'm going to be ready!

I {LOVE} headbands!
I wear one everyday ... really - every day!
So it only seemed appropriate that I have one to ward off that sneaky little leprechaun! 
(or mean little pinching children!!)

Isn't it cute?

Want to make one for yourself?
What you need:
- Felt Sheets (3 different shades of green)
- Shamrock stencil
- Hot Glue
- Embellishment for center
- Headband

1. Cut out your Shamrock stencils. I wanted 3 different sizes, so I downloaded a Shamrock shape from the Silhouette Store and let my Silhouette cut out the shapes on cardstock.However, if you don't have a Silhouette you could definitely just google an image, print it out and cut it out!

2.  Cut out your shapes! Hint: Be patient & use sharp scissors!! 

 3. Hot Glue all three layers together! I did mine darkest to light, but you could do whatever! 

*and yes - my glue gun really looks like that. It's disgusting well-loved!
 4.Add an embellishment of your choice to the center & hot glue it to your dollar store headband! 

5. Admire your fancy schmancy simple headband! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(early ... cuz I'm on the ball. whoop whoop)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

{Back in the Game!}

Guess what??
I think I'm FINALLY getting my craft mojo back!
Only 14 weeks and 4 days into this pregnancy ...

But I'm working on something fabulous!!
{at least in my mind it's fabulous}

I've plugged my sewing machine back in -
and I even threaded the bobbin -- which I HATE doing!!
(weird or amen?)

I've pulled out the can of primer -
and I'm headed to Lowe's for some Oops paint!

I sure hope it turns out the way I envision.
(i really hate when things don't ... unless of course, they turn out better!)

Want a hint?

It's kinda like this ...

It involves something a little more "manly".

Oh I can't wait to get started!
and show you!!! :) 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


You are my sunshine ... :)
We are {thoroughly} enjoying this BEAUTIFUL Florida weather!

75 and sunny -- yes, please!!

and to enjoy the sunshine a little more --
we bought bikes & a bike trailer for monkey man!!
It's been so much fun!!
and thankfully monkey man LOVES it as much as we do! :)
How are enjoying this beautiful weather?
{or is it still cold & snowing where you are?}

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{Comfort Food}

It's {good} for the soul!

It's amazing how quickly food can trigger memories! 
I was straightening up the kitchen this morning -
when the cinnamon fell out of the disorganized spice cabinet!

It instantly brought back memories of my favorite breafast food!
No, not Cinnamon Raisin store bought toast.
plain ol' - sugar & cinnamon on buttered toast!

It was just as delicious as I remembered!

Of course it's not very healthy ...
and I should probably have just saved my body the hassle 
and taped it straight to my butt/thighs - because that's where its going. :)
But it was sooo worth it. Just for today!
(and maybe tomorrow ... but it's ok - I'm eating for two)

What's your favorite "comfort food"?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{The Craft Closet} + JoAnn Coupon

Wondering why you haven't seen any crafts lately?
(or maybe you haven't even noticed)
but aside from Monkey's 1st Birthday, I haven't done ANY crafting!!!

and this is why ....

I know! I know!!  

We moved into this house a month ago --
and i have yet to unpack "the craft closet". 
It's terrible, awful, embarrassing and overwhelming! :( 
But today is the day!!!
I'm going to {attempt} to organize!!

I have so many projects stored up waiting to be finished!!

Oh and if you are headed to JoAnn's this week -
click here for a $5 off $5 purchase coupon!


{Parent Magazine} for $8!

Mamapedia is one of my favorite "deal" websites!
and they have awesome deal today!!

You can get a  2 year Subscription to Parenting Magazine for just $8! 
(as low as FIVE dollars if you're new to Mamapedia)
It's regularly $20 - so this a great deal!!

Parenting Early Years with coupon code: EARLYPMAG: Only $5 (new members only)

Parenting School Years with coupon code: PMAG3A: Only $5 (new members only)

So head on over to Mamapedia and get this great deal before it expires! :)
Go here.

This makes an awesome gift too -- 
I just ordered one for my Sister in Law whose expecting her first baby in May!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{almost} Wordless Wednesday!

75 and Sunny in February!!
Oh Florida, how I love you! :) 

We enjoyed a picnic & park with great friends!

My little monkey is always thinking outside of the box! :)

I love him! :)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[The Big 1 year old}

Monkey Man is one now ... 
and boy does he think that makes him a big boy!

Literally - the day he turned one, 
this new little personality emerged!
This "I do what I want" attitude -
and if you don't like it, well then he'll hit you! :)
or maybe throw a temper tantrum!

Don't get me wrong -- 
I'm loving all this new found independence,
but it's tough "disciplining" a 1 year old!

We went to the Dr. for his "well baby" visit ... 

and he FINALLY weighs over 20 pounds! :) 

Hello, forward facing carseat!! :)

His height vs. age puts him in the 52nd percentile!
His height vs. weight puts him in the 16th percentile!
I wish I had that problem - long & lean! :)

On the down side -- he has an ear infection, 
so the shots have to wait until next week!


Monday, February 14, 2011


 Don't you just love those perfect days?
Saturday was a perfect day for us!

The little monkey woke up super early --
and rather than try and bribe the hubs to get up with him,
I jumped out of bed with a craving for pancakes!

 *don't judge - it was 6 am! :)
But it's all about the large spatula
because I like my pancakes big - like my butt!
Then we took naps - few things are better than an early morning nap! :)
After our naps, we packed some snacks and headed to the zoo in Gulf Breeze, Fl.
The sun was shining and it was FINALLY warm enough to go outside! :)

Monkey Man was memorized by all the animals! 

and the beautiful flowers had me dreaming of spring ....

The train ride around the zoo was fabulous!

and although we brought the Ergo ...

This was monkey's favorite mode of transportation!

I wanted the perfect picture with my little monkey ...
but instead we got this ---
which turned out to be better than perfect! :)

 Monkey slept the whole way home ...

and then went to bed at 7!
We picked up Thai take-out and popped in a RedBox and snuggled on the couch.

It was perfect!
I am so thankful for my {growing} family! I am blessed!

{How was your weekend?}

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