Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{almost} Wordless Wednesday!

75 and Sunny in February!!
Oh Florida, how I love you! :) 

We enjoyed a picnic & park with great friends!

My little monkey is always thinking outside of the box! :)

I love him! :)



  1. I've given your blog an award! Come check it out!

  2. I am SO jealous of your weather. It was nice last week and now it's windy and raining, I'm over it!

    Love the pic of your little guy at the bottom of the stroller, very creative.

  3. I know!! I live up in Tallahassee and it was GORGEOUS here today. I was in short sleeves! I hope it stays this way.

  4. I love the title of your blog! Too cute, and so is your little man. Looks like ya'll had a nice sunny day at the park. How perfect!
    Stopped over from Thirsty Thursdays :)

  5. That last picture cracks me up! I love the way their little brains work!


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