Thursday, February 24, 2011

{Back in the Game!}

Guess what??
I think I'm FINALLY getting my craft mojo back!
Only 14 weeks and 4 days into this pregnancy ...

But I'm working on something fabulous!!
{at least in my mind it's fabulous}

I've plugged my sewing machine back in -
and I even threaded the bobbin -- which I HATE doing!!
(weird or amen?)

I've pulled out the can of primer -
and I'm headed to Lowe's for some Oops paint!

I sure hope it turns out the way I envision.
(i really hate when things don't ... unless of course, they turn out better!)

Want a hint?

It's kinda like this ...

It involves something a little more "manly".

Oh I can't wait to get started!
and show you!!! :) 



  1. How cute!! Iam not crafty at all! But I love it! Following you on GFC as RambleSAHM! Come see me when you can!

  2. Adorable! I love your craft ideas, cute and easy! New follower from Hop Along Friday :)

  3. First off, CONGRATULATION!!! I'm so excited that we are due so close together! How fun!

    Second, I can't wait to see what you are up to, you have me very intrigued with your clues!


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