Thursday, February 17, 2011

{The Craft Closet} + JoAnn Coupon

Wondering why you haven't seen any crafts lately?
(or maybe you haven't even noticed)
but aside from Monkey's 1st Birthday, I haven't done ANY crafting!!!

and this is why ....

I know! I know!!  

We moved into this house a month ago --
and i have yet to unpack "the craft closet". 
It's terrible, awful, embarrassing and overwhelming! :( 
But today is the day!!!
I'm going to {attempt} to organize!!

I have so many projects stored up waiting to be finished!!

Oh and if you are headed to JoAnn's this week -
click here for a $5 off $5 purchase coupon!



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  4. LOL, I have a room in my house that we use as a junk room and it really is full of junk. I have a skip on order to clear it out but my husband isn't too keen! It takes time to get settled doesn't it!

    Found you on Boost my Blog Friday. CJ xx

  5. Oh, I hate to unpack! I do not envy you.

    I'm a new follower from 'Boost My Blog Friday'. Love your blog and good luck with your unpacking adventure. :)

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  8. Oh, wow! I can't believe you have that much stuff for crafting. What is your must have list for crafts?
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