Sunday, February 13, 2011

{Such a Romantic}

My husband walked in the door yesterday
(looking very sexy in his flight suit. just sayin') 
and said "I have a present for you".

I was thinking flowers ...
maybe that new beach bike I've been hinting about ...
or maybe just a Snicker's Bar (my current pregnancy craving!)
It is Valentine's Day weekend after all! :) 

But nope, he hands me this .....

Oh yes - you read that right...

It's a "Sic-Sac".
The Original Motion Sickness Bag.
Pretty vintage looking, huh? ;)
(they have TONS of them on the flight deck, and they take one with them every time they fly)

But today he said he walked by the box and thought of me.
 He took a few for me keep in my car & purse!
you know ---
for those pregnant moments when I'm driving and well, need a sic sac :) 

Happy Valentine's Day to me!?
haha! I love  it!


  1. I think I just fell in love with your husband! He was thinking about you while he was at work...and you know those bags will come in handy! How sweet! (I agree though, not quite the V Day gift you'd hope for!)

  2. Even though it wasn't a romantic vday present... what a GREAT thing to have. I threw up my ENTIRE pregnancy even on Zofran... What I would have done to have some of those in my purse!!! Sometimes its hard to remember that guys don't always know what romantic is... we do, but we aren't men!

  3. I've been following you for a while & this is so cute! Don't we all love everything vintage ;) But....did I miss something? Are you expecting again or saving these for future Monkeys? Of course, I mean that very very politely! & congrats on getting the little man to sleep! I'm taking your advice & trying it with my lil monkey!

    Carron at


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