Wednesday, February 23, 2011


You are my sunshine ... :)
We are {thoroughly} enjoying this BEAUTIFUL Florida weather!

75 and sunny -- yes, please!!

and to enjoy the sunshine a little more --
we bought bikes & a bike trailer for monkey man!!
It's been so much fun!!
and thankfully monkey man LOVES it as much as we do! :)
How are enjoying this beautiful weather?
{or is it still cold & snowing where you are?}


  1. I am SO jealous. I'm in CA and we are getting peeks of sun here and there and I'm so anxious for spring time!! Glad to see someone out there is enjoying the weather.

  2. I am also so jealous of your gorgeous weather! We've had a couple days here and there that have been nice but nothing like that. We love to go on walks, take wagon ride, play in the yard, and go to the park. I can't wait for spring!!!!


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