Monday, February 28, 2011

{Super Simple Shamrock Shirt}

As The Preppy Mom, I love to dress Nelson up!
and Holidays are certainly no exception!
However, as A Frugal Mom, I hate to spend a fortune on things he will only wear once!

So I've resorted to making them!
It's fun!
It's inexpensive!
and it's more special - because you made it yourself! 
(all that blood, sweat & swear words) kidding.kidding.

Here's the shirt I made for Monkey Man to ward off those sneaky little pinchers! :)

Want to make one for your little leprechaun?

What you need:
Green T-shirt (mine was $3.50 at Wally world)
Freezer Paper
Lime Green Fabric Paint (I like Tulip Soft)
Paint Brush

I cut my Shamrock pattern out using my Silhouette - 
however, if you don't have one -- just find one on google, print it out and trace it.
Make sure you trace the shamrock on the non-glossy side of the Freezer Paper.

Now iron your stencil (shiny side down) onto your t-shirt.
My shirt had a pocket, so I had to use a small shamrock on the pocket. 
But if the shirt is plain - make it big! :) 

Now paint it! ;)
(put some cardboard in between the shirt so the paint doesn't bleed through)

 Read the directions for the paint!
It says do 2 coats - 4 hours apart. 
Nope - I'm inpatient -- I did like 3 coats right away!

Gently pull the stencil off.
Wait for it to dry!
If you're inpatient like me, this is the hardest part!

Now you need to "set" your paint.
Use a cloth (or paper towel, haha) and iron over the paint. 
This will make the paint last longer through washes. 
(or so they say, I haven't tested it out!)

Stand back and admire your shirt! :)

Not bad for $3.50 and 10 minutes! :) 

Actually, this post took a LOT longer to write than it took to make the shirt!! 



  1. Super cute! You should sell these. I would buy one. :-)


  2. New follower. Please follow back

  3. great job, I love making t shirts
    I love coming to your blog to see what you have been up to. I awarded you the stylish blogger award.


  4. I really like this! Might even make one for myself!!

  5. What a great idea! I have visions of turning those cute old navy polo shirts into holiday themed shirts for my guys now!

    I'm a new follower from the blog hop! I can't wait to read more of your posts.


  6. Easy, cheap and cute, gotta love that!!

  7. New follower from the blog hop. Feel free to check out my blog and follow back :)


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