Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{Baby Wipes at the Back Door}

This was what I saw when I pulled in the driveway today ...

No -- not that super sweet shiny bike with the "fat girl" seat. 
That was my birthday present! :) Love.It.
and no - not the ugly concrete carport & vinyl siding.
not much I can do about that - we live in military housing!
I'm talking about those baby wipes!!
 I ordered them on Friday from Amazon -
and they arrived today!! 
They were basically heaven sent -- 
We ran out this morning and I was literally {praying} that Monkey Man didn't poop until AFTER the mail came! 
{I love that reliable FREE 2 day shipping!}

So why the heck am I telling you about my wipes that arrived by mail?
Because I love a good deal.
Oh and I'm obsessed with Amazon. 

Amazon has some AMAZING deals on diapers, wipes and everything else you need!
Last week I ordered diapers!
I got 176 Pampers for $27.00!
(that's like .15 a diaper!)
Then on Friday I ordered Pamper's wipes.
I got a box of 720 wipes for $13.00.
(that's less than .01 a wipe people!)

I know! Awesome, right?
Even my husband is impressed!! :)
{You can get these awesome deals too}
First, sign up for Amazon Mom!
You'll get free 2 day shipping just for being a mom!
Oh, and you'll save 15%.
Then once you've found what you want to purchase - 
click Subscribe & Save.
This will save you another 15%. 
Don't panic. 
It's completely 100% cancelable.
Is that a word?
It is now! :)
Once your item ships - you cancel it!
No contracts. No penalties.Nada.
You just save 30%.
Heck yea!!! 
So what do YOU love about Amazon!
 disclaimer: I received nothing for this post. I just love Amazon and wanted to share my love and savings with you! :)

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  1. I LOOOOVE Amazon Mom!!! Been using it for months and months. Just ordered my $26 box of diapers yesterday actually!

    What's even better is if you subscribe to the FREE magazine BabyTalk or to Parents magazine, they have 20% off diapers at coupons nearly every month!!


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