Monday, March 14, 2011

{BBQ Baby Shower}

Woo Hoo -- My 1st Baby Shower was a Success! :)
This is their 3rd little munchkin - so we decided on a couple's shower --
and an outdoor BBQ seemed perfect! 
I got a lot of my inspiration here.

Beer + Burgers sounded like a great way to get the men there!  
I had big plans of being outside at the park --  
But unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate!
Luckily, we rented the Community Center as backup! :) 
 I designed the invitations myself using Publisher
and had them printed at Office Max. :) 
Would anyone be interested in these? I thought about putting them on ETSY!

The centerpieces were so simple but I absolutely LOVE them!
Ball Mason Jars with Flowers and a coordinating Tag!

I just think they are dreamy! 
It must be my love affair with mason jars ...

The food was typical of a backyard BBQ -
Hamburgers & Hotdogs with all the condiments.
Pulled Pork with Ciabatta Rolls.
Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Baked Beans & Potato Chips.

Galvanized Tubs of Beer and Soda.
(Capri Suns for the kiddos)

Balloons. Cupcakes. DIY "It's a Boy" Banner 
and a VERY simple Diaper Cake helped set the theme! :)

The DIY Cupcake Toppers (click here for the tutorial) were a big hit!

 as well as the DIY cupcake stands (tutorial coming soon)!

Party favors were bottles of Texas Pete's Hot Sauce!
Temper Tantrum Hot Sauce to be exact!

We only played two baby shower games!
I love them - but I guess most people don't!
The first was typical - guess the baby food game! :) 
(I finally got rid of all the yucky flavors Monkey won't eat! YAY!)
The winner received a BBQ Cookbook I picked up at TJMaxx!

Then I needed a game for the guys!
Beer Bottle Chugging was perfect!
The winner received a new set of grills utensils!

Besides the fact it was an indoor BBQ instead of out -
I think it was perfect!
There was lots of chatting, catching up and good food!


  1. My kind of shower! I had a Luau for men, but lots of booze!

  2. How cute! We did a co-ed BBQ baby shower for my last baby, it was so much fun! I am your newest follower from Mom Blog Hop.

  3. It looks like everything turned out great! I'm sad I don't have anything to plan coming up that I can make anything for...that, and I don't have my cricut while it's in storage. I just need you to keep posting fun things so I can live vicariously through you!

  4. Looks like a FUN time!! Your decor and pics are GREAT!!

  5. What a cute shower!
    I'm a follower here from the MBM hop! I would love a visit back at my blog, Mom Always Finds Out, when you get a chance. Thanks!


  6. This is awesome! my bff is pregnant with her 3rd and this might be exactly what I do for her! I am SO glad I found your blog!

  7. Really cute theme to invite the boys! Its really rare for guys to want to come to a baby shower. Love the BBQ theme.


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