Monday, March 7, 2011

{Do you coupon?}

I don't. 
I know. I know
Why wouldn't I want to save money, right?
Someone should just wind up and punch some sense into me ...
(or maybe not now, I'm pregnant!) :) 

It's not that I'm anti-coupon ... 
There is no way in heck I would walk into JoAnna's or Michaels without several coupons in hand. I live for those coupons.

But I have NEVER used a coupon at the grocery store. 
(unless it was B1G1 at Publix).

 Why you ask? 
well several reasons:
It seems sooo overwhelming ...
so time consuming,
so not worth it to save a quarter!
I also don't want to drive to 3 stores for the "best deals".
and on top of all that -- I don't even know where to find the "good" coupons!
and I might feel ridiculous carrying a big old binder around. 

PLUS - we basically buy the SAME things every 2 weeks.
We know exactly how much our bill is give or take $5 - and we budget for that.
However -- spending less and having more "fun money" would be heavenly.

So I think I need to start "couponing".
You're thinking "duh".

So this is my question to YOU - you smartypants coupon user! 

What system works for you?
Where do you find your coupons?
Do you shop at several different stores to get the best deal?

This momma needs some serious help?!



  1. I'm not diligent about it, but I use when I'm feeling brave and have never been disappointed! It matches coupons with stuff that's already on sale so you can get more discounts.

  2. My family calls me the "Coupon Queen". I can't stand going to any store without a coupon in hand. I rarely though buy the Sunday paper to get the coupons because that then makes me feel overwhelmed to get them clipped and organized. I use a few websites to print them off then I know exactly what I have and what I'm looking for and I'm not clipping coupons for things I'll never buy. I use , , and If you're wanting to save a bit on baby things perhaps check out it's a site where people scope out good deals and post them for you then you don't have to search! Good luck

  3. I thought the same thing as you before I started couponing but now I LOVE it! And save so much money! I have made a few posts on where I get my coupons and how I organize them on my blog. Here's the links! Feel free to email me with any questions too! :)

  4. Check out, She is amazing! You will save so much with her and she has a specific section and videos on how to start couponing!

  5. I feel the same as you. I know I really should be more serious about coupons but it really does seem overwhelming. Most of the time I'm running to the store as a last minute errand and I forget discount cards or coupons at home. So 99% of the time we just miss out on the opportunity to save money.

  6. I do use coupons... but I am super picky. Here's a post that I just finished up about my coupon use. Check it out, I hope it helps!!


  7. I use the Coupon Mom website

    It's great because she has a video with a really simple system. Basically you save and date the flyers from the Sunday paper and keep in a file. Then you use her website to check the up-to-date coupon database for stuff you might need. The database has it all laid out for you as to which coupon from which week's flyer with which sales gives you good deals. Then you just go to your files, extract that week's flyer and clip the coupon you want. That way you don't have to organize piles of coupons you may never use. In addition, if you find a great deal and you want to stock up, you can go to Ebay and purchase clipped coupons by a lot of 20 usually for very small amounts ($1-$2).

    I got 40 sticks of deodorent for FREE and just had to pay the tax! I'm giving 30 sticks away to a homeless shelter with toothpaste, brushes and shampoo that I got at really cheap prices.

    Check it out!


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